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  1. Hi is there any update on this? I'm having serious problems with contracts now. Any young player who I offer a contract to who is not UK based such as; Spain, Mexico, Serbia, Ecuador etc cannot sign a contract as they need a work permit.
  2. He's already at my club as seen here. Basically, I get this when the message above when I offer him a new deal. It seems to happen with all my regens who have previously had a WP but pay for a country out of the world top fifty like South Korea and Ecuador. Mendoza.rtf
  3. HI, I am having issues when I try to give a new contract to a player who needs a work permit. I get the following screen which says i will have to wait 120 days. Surely he can sign a contract and i can then loan him out to my affiliate club?
  4. I have tried to load a recent saved game that was saved today, unfortunately, when I try to load i get a message saying save game cannot be loaded. I have tried to make a copy of the file to load, however this one won't too. Furthermore, I don't want to uninstall as it says all of my game data will be deleted from my computer. Is that correct?
  5. I have a similiar issue of saved game cannot be loaded. PC was shut down correctly but when I try to load the game it will not allow me to.
  6. can anyone help me? I want to create an online game so my friends can play with me. Do I need to install Hamachi? When are games played etc?
  7. I'm new to this after missing FM13 (yes I know what was I thinking) How can you start a new online game with friends and what does it entail? Any responses would be very appreciated. Are games on specific evenings, are we in the same league? Do we play against the generator etc? Cheers will :confused:
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