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  1. So Having salvaged the wreckage that was A.C Milan using the skills of James Rodriguez, I've now taken over a struggling real madrid (5th place) full of ageing underperforming and overpaid stars. I've decided that I'm going get the team firing again with the team revolving around a star player. That Star Player is Paul Pogba! I managed to sign him for the low price of 40 mil when you consider how much of a baller he is. But again the question is how can I put him and the people around him in the best positions to win me games? Now I know that James and Pogba are different types of players so I'm not looking for the amount of Goals I wanted from James but I want pogba to have a pirlo like impact on my games. Spraying passes demanding the ball go through him and takin the occasional long shot! For me there can only be one role for pogba...and that is the Regista! Unfortunately me this is a role ive really struggled to get to perform aswell as I would like, but here are my potential formations and roles that utilise a regista, feel free to tell me where I have gone wrong and what you have had succeswith in regards to the role. 4-4-2 Diamond Narrow - -----------P(a)---------DLF(s)--------------- -----------------AM(a)----------------------- ----------BWM(d)-------CM(d)--------------- -------------------R(s)----------------------- -----WB(a)---CD(d)----CD(d)------WB(a)- -------------------SK(a)-------------------- Mentality: Counter Shape: Balanced TI's: Close Down More, Play Out Of Defense, My idea behind this is that the WB(a's) Push up and the regista collects the ball deep and can potentially spray it out wide to them.
  2. Ok so listening to some of your suggestions I made the following changes: I've moved my mentality to counter to allow a slower buildup and give more time for my wing backs to get beyond my wide players. I've changed my FB(a's) to WB(a's) I changed my second CM from a BB(s) to a CM(d) - So I can have a double pivot and give my wingbacks suitable cover when bombing forward. I've removed my look for overlap TI and my roam from positions TI After 4 games the noticeable differences are that: The WB(a's) really get forward and beyond my wide players which is great and what I wanted to see! so that's already been a great success, This is reflected in the fact that my LWB has 3 assists in the last 4 games. My striker has been reeping the rewards of the new dynamic wide play and bagged a hat trick in the first test of this changes (all from crosses) On the other hand James has suffered only picking up one goal in the 4 games and no assists, the goal coming in the form of a worldie from outside the box, which had nothing to do really with the tactic. the team is playing better we look better much more dynamic but James was still not putting in performances! I saw that vasilli07 said that he uses an AMC, so I figured I'd give it a try... The next 4 games saw James play out of his skin!! scoring 3 goals and getting 3 assists in the next 6 games.
  3. Having just had a great season with milan i've signed James rodriguez and spent a whole tonne of cash so I want him to to put in the performances to warrant this spening. I've decided I want to make a formation that is beneficial for him to thrive in. So far not so good... where am I going wrong? --------------------F9(s)------------------ ----------------James (SS)-------------- Wp (s)------CM(d)-------BB(s)---------Wm(s) FB(A)--------CD(d)-------CD(d)-------FB(A) TI's: Look For overlap, Play out of Defense, Pass into space, Close down more, roam from positions. Mentality - Standard Shape -Flexible My thoughts Are that my F9 drops deep leaving space for James to exploit. My supporting players find him with a through ball. My Fb's overlapp and drill balls into the box where James will be there looking to pounce on a tap in. From what I'm seeing of the match engine James isn't running beyond at all, and my full backs are not overlapping? I went with the flexible shape for the sole purpose of having the shape based on the players individual mentalities, but it doesn't seem to have worked.. Can anyone offer any help? thanks in advance!
  4. Hi Cleon, I've been other this thread a number of times while trying to make my formation, but for what ever reason it's not working for me and I'm not seeing where the errors are in my own formation. I'm taking off play narrower against teams that are wider than me and making the adjustments depending on the formation I go up against but my wings are getting destroyed, even if I set both of my FB's to defend.
  5. Hey Rashidi1, you make it sound simple but I can't seem to apply any of that to a system that works. I have a clear Idea of how I want to play but I can't get it to work. I want to play a 4-4-2 narrow diamond and counter directly through the middle using my AM an Advanced forward and Target man. I want the the ball thrown up to my target man where he can either flick it beyond to my AF or it can be layed of to my AM and move forward with the ball, with my attacking 3 outnumbering 2CB's or going 3 on 3 with 3 CBs or 2CBS and a DM. I choose Defensive Mentality because I want the quick balls to the forwards that it says on the tin and a Structured shape because I want to create depth quickly and want my forwards to provide an option for a deep pass often. (which according to the lines and diamonds manual it will do) My formation looks like this with roles: ------------------------AF---------TM(s)----------------------------- -----------------------------AM(s)------------------------------------ ---------------------CM(d)---------BB-------------------------------- ------------------------------REG------------------------------------- -------FB(s)--------CD(d)---------CD(d)-----------FB(s)------------ ------------------------------GK(d)------------------------------------ Thought Process Behind the roles: AM(s) - only on support because I don't want him running behind my TM as I already have that from my AF so need him in a position to pick up balls that aren't flicked on. CM(d) - Needed as shield as the Regista will roam. BB - Shuttler to be the 4th person joining in with my attacking 3. Regista - felt neccesary to relieve pressure as he would be roaming looking for the ball and is my best passer so want him playing the balls up to TM. FB(s) X2 - As it's a defensive formation don't want them bombing forward quickly would rather they considered their options. TI's: More Direct, Higher Tempo, Sit Narrower PI's: Front 3 close down much more tackle harder and roam from positions. Really getting destroyed with this formation, It all seems reasoanable and logical to me, where am I going wrong? Thanks
  6. This using a higher line is something that I've had success with when playing with a defensive mentality. But I've stopped using it because I didn't have a clue as to why it made my tactic more successful, and I find it uncomfortable playing a match without knowing what effect something is having on my team. I used to assume that the success of this was down to the fact that the midfield and strikers drop deep (in line with the defensive mentality) but the d-line pushes up therefore restricting the space between the D-line and the midfield line and preventing the AI from attacking from within the hole. How does this theory sound to everyone else?
  7. Jambo98 I'm aware of the slower football that counter creates, but there doesn't seem any other choice, attacking with drop deeper, close down less, just gets picked apart because of the spaces the attack mentality leaves. If it's quite commonly known that "counter" isn't the ideal mentality to try and create a counter tactic with......what is?
  8. Has anyone found a way to create a legitimate counter tactic? I see threads and threads of successful tika-taka/ Guardiola style formations. I also see threads and threads of successful Dortmund/ Jupp heynckes gengenpressing tactics. But I struggle to find any tactical threads that boast a legitimate counter tactic that drops deep and then breaks with speed. I often see people say that the counter mentality is counter productive to playing a counter tactic, and is therefore used by people (including myself) to create a possession tactic, because of the low mentality it gives the team. Is the idea of creating an honest to god counter tactic therefore impossible within the game? because although a team may drop back deep and be hard to breakdown with a defend mentality, the low mentality means the players aren't tenacious enough in trying to win the ball back, and then have little impetuous to move the ball forward with speed (even with a higher tempo setting) I would be ecstatic if someone could shed some light on what makes a good counter tactic in this game! Just incase I'm doing something unbelievably stupid here is how I start to create my counter tactics. Mentality - Defend / Counter Team Shape - Rigid / Balanced GK - D FB - S CD - D CD - D FB - S W - A BB - S CM - D WM - A TM - A DLF - S Team Instructions - Higher Tempo, Direct Passing, Run at Defence, Pass Into Space
  9. MY set up is: .................................GK(d) CWB(a)...........CD (d)..........CD(d)...........FB(a) WP(a)...........CD(d).........BB(s)..........W(a) ....................DLF(s)........CF(a)........... MENTALITY: counter/flexible TI'S: Retain possesion, Shorter passing, Pass into space, Run at defence, Look for overlap, Exploit the flanks, Lower tempo I've recently started winning games but the play doesn't run through him nowhere near as much as I would like it too.
  10. Having signed Christian Eriksen for my Schalke save purely for the sake of replication David Silva's role for manchester city, I've found it incredibly hard to actually get him to act like a number 10 when I am attacking. I've made sure he has the only playmaker role on the team so as to make sure he is the focus of my passing, but even when I do that the game keeps passing him by, and i'm currently at a loss on what to do. Despite the player role suggesting that in attack duty he will 'come inside to sit in an advanced position between the opponents defence and midfield' he doesn't seem to quite come inside far enough to have an effect on the game. Has anyone found a way to make a player in this role really dominate a game the way David Silva can in real life?
  11. To add to my post heres a rushed screenshot of my 4-4-2 in defense turning into 4-3-3 in attack http://imgur.com/a/Gc1rL The first image is just before a goal my WP(s) has created a midfield triange with the DM(s) and anchor man. My front 3 however is faily narrow at the moment but a front 3 nonetheless. The next screen cap is of my average positions in the game which resembles very closely how the sportskeeda article portrayed real madrid as looking when they didn't have the ball. the last screenshot is of the result. I happened to be playing bayern in my next game so though this was a good a time as ever to try it out. ended up conceding a penalty and a goal keeping error. they didn't threaten what so ever. Clearly this needs work but i'm encouraged.
  12. I found that according to the player instructions the best way to turn a defensive 4-4-2 shape into an attacking 4-3-3 is follows: In midfield: wide playmaker (s) - with the support duty the WP will come inside to sit in a central midfield position when the team have the ball. DM(s) - steps into the midfield line to support attacking moves. Anchor man/ DM (d) - sit in the whole between defence and midfield. Winger (a) - Run at the defence in final third. PPM should be cut inside. Up Front: CF(s) - to the left of the 3 slots. DLF (as) - in the middle of the 3 slots. Defensively it should look pretty much link a bank of four (I chose to play Dm's as when I play CM(d) I get destroyed by the oppositions AM's. ......................CF(s)........................DLF(a).................. ...WP(s)...............................................................W(a) .....................DM(s).........................DM(d) In attack it should become a 3. ...........................DLF (a) ...........CF(s).....................................Winger (a) ...................Wp(s)...............DM(s).................. .............................DM(d) This is the closest I have come so far to replicating what real madrid have done purely through roles alone, it may not always look like this in engine but, the fact that the roles indicate something like this is possible, gives hope that, you can defend in one formation and attack in another within the game so how. Let me know what you think? is there roles that I have misinterpreted or is there a more suitable role I haven't put to use? I came up with this looking at the sportskeeda article that was posted in this thread.
  13. Ok don't want to get to carried away here but I think I may have something here. Just played 2 preseason games against Man Utd and Porto (both teams who should take my Feyenoord side to the cleaners on paper) I won 2-0 against Man Utd (fielding a very strong lineup) allowing only 1 shot on target to my 7. I also managed to surrender possession to them (barely) 49% while also creating two CCC's (one a penalty coming from a quick counter) I also won 4-3 against porto I went up 3-0 before the half (2 goals coming from quick counters). 12 shots on target to their 4. 49% possession again! and 6 CCC's to their 2. I will continue on to the regular season and champions league before I post my tactic as this may of just been some friendly related anomaly.
  14. I'd tried the Control mentality with a drop much deeper instruction as well as close down much less in my attempts to create a quick counter before and it turned out to not work all that well. Going forward it was great, arguably better than the attacking mentality but defensively it was poor. My next attempt will be to set out with a counter mentality and up the tempo, like THOG suggested. I remember seeing a thread/post somewhere that showed the effect mentalities have on tempo and it showed that: Attack = fast tempo Control = Medium fast tempo, Standard = Medium tempo Counter = Low tempo And that if you bump up the tempo TI you could achieve a different mentalities tempo. or at least thats what I remember it saying? maybe I'm wrong if someone knows what thread/post i'm talking about that would be helpful.
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