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  1. Hi TFF, Would be very appreciate if you can share with us your base testing league save with frozen conditions/moral ? Or maybe share a guide to how we can do that. I would like to test my own tactic with it. Many thanks, Have a nice day!
  2. Do you also leave the training to your assistant ?
  3. Ok so collective instructions always takes over the individual instructions ?
  4. Sorry i'm french and i didn't used the right words. I would say: A tactical question: if a player role has "low crossing" while collective instruction says "more crossing". Which instruction takes over ? Thank you
  5. Hi TFF, A tactical question: if a player role has "low crossing" while collective instruction says "play out defense". Which instruction takes over ? Many thanks!!
  6. Hey, Thank you! Same for tackle harder i suppose ?
  7. Hi TFF, Is it useful to put individual + collective instruction "mark tighter" ? Or there is no more effect and only need to put one of them ? Many thanks
  8. Ok, just un another linked question: Why when i'm doing that, knowledge in "marking" decrease ? Many thanks
  9. I only want to know if i can remove indivual instruction "tackle harder" from all players and then add collective instruction "Get stuck in" Many thanks, Kind regards
  10. Hi TFF, could you please answer to mentionned question ? I would like to undestand if both instructions are giving same results. Many thanks, 8G8
  11. Hi TFF, i've a question: Why you are not using the collective instruction "get stuck in" instead of individual instruction "tackle harder" on all the players ? Thanks you,
  12. Hi TFF, Which one is giving the best average possession ? Thanks
  13. Hi TTF, Would be possible to get an efficient possession tactic in the future ? Many thanks, Kind regards
  14. 4-5-1 With inside forward ? What is you best tactic who rallied possession and results ? Thx
  15. Hi mate, Why an advanced playmaker on support duty ? Everywhere i learn that the middle must had 3 duties (defend/support/attack). Thanks fo you sharing tactic.
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