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10 "You're a bum, Rock"


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    Long time addict since the days of champ man98

    Had a 30 year career in FM11 which included multiple champions league wins with Arsenal and Bradford and world cups with England and Brazil

    FM12 had a 10 Year career with AFC Wimbledon which included back to back to back promotions and 4 champions league wins

    Recently started FM13 with Bolton, won promotion undefeated in the championship.

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    Not sleeping and playing fm

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  1. "Hey, unused sub, what ya doin'?" "Nothin', just chillin'"
  2. nice! How'd you get the sky sports watermark, or did you photoshop that on after?
  3. Whats the tallest player you have seen in game, regen or real. I just did a search on my current save and the tallest players are 6'9'' surly there must be some out there pushing for 7 foot? if I found a young player player 7'' or taller I' sign him up, develop him as a striker and just stick him upfront as a target man
  4. Here's one I just found in game. His team lost but he couldn't give a...... And he's an old one I have had from FM10 or 11 I think. All you need to know, is my surname is Butterworth, and apparently I was interested in a young 19yo.....
  5. ok this is starting to annoy me now. It wont let me add pics to posts, I have tried uploading from my comp, and urls from photobucket and tiny pic. Little help guys?
  6. I've got a good one from FM10 I think, but for some reason it wont let me upload the jpeg. Anyone offer some help?
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