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  1. This thread was very helpful, especially with all the other noise on this forum, thanks for sharing this
  2. I haven't bought FM 2021 yet, are chances created from central play increased in comparison to 2020? I can't seem to score from anything but crosses in this version
  3. Does a player's media handling have any affect on his development or personality?
  4. I'm assuming this is the more defensive tactic out of the two? Or is it specifically when going against sides using an CAM? Basically my question is when would you use the secondary over the primary tactic and vice versa? I'm looking into using secondary tactics in my game
  5. @Experienced Defender I appreciate you replying but your answers aren't giving me any help in understanding how to improve with my system, why you select certain roles in your balanced formation or when a FB on defend would be a good/bad option for example. Given, things can't work in isolation, but then it would help to explain or give an example of what you mean in the context of the question rather than cancelling out the question
  6. It does help thanks. So, set these individual players PI's to higher pressing? Are you setting the BWM to a higher role here due to the rest of the team (especially the wingers) being less aggressive? Can you please explain why you suggested removing run at defense (I don't want the players to dwell on the ball at all) and tighter marking?
  7. I was referring to a the player instruction of more direct passing that I've set on the BWM. I didn't fancy a DLP because Kante was more of a BWM but was licensed to more direct passing during his spell at Leceister. DLP's are more static and less aggressive. When would you (if ever) use FB on defend duties in a system? I feel my fullbacks aren't fast enough to Full backs who work up the pitch Why do you set the Left Full back to Wing Back in the 4-4-2 but keep him as a FB Attack in the 4-3-3?
  8. The DLF is right footed Ok fair enough, maybe I should explain what I want and then you can suggest amendments? Not everyone knows what "balanced" or "unbalanced" is, like you do, especially newer players. Here's my thinking Roles: Full backs staying back for the majority of the time, I don't want to lose shape as I find moving wingbacks up always results in a problem when the AI counter. BWM role is fine, I want him to play direct balls like a very aggressive and combatant DLP For the mezzala's role, I want a player who can grab the ball from the defense and move it
  9. Hi All Please see the screenshots attached. I am looking to play a style similar to Leicester's 2015/16 using Guido's tactic as a base https://strikerless.com/2016/02/10/a-leicester-city-inspired-4-4-2-0/. Fight hard for the ball between the middle of the pitch and the edge of my box, then work the ball up quickly on the counter. I feel it's working okay, I am getting narrow loses from bigger sides and I am beating bottom table clubs. My general match strategy might see me tweak it based on the match. If I go up against easier opponents, if I'm losing or if I'm getting harassed off
  10. I have a Striker who I am playing in a pair up front. His right foot is strongest, but his preferred position in a striker duo is on the right. Should I place him on the right or left?
  11. What is the maximum amount of new signings I can add to my first team in a transfer window before it starts to have a negative impact on morale?
  12. This was a really well structured post, it's kinda like a lines and diamonds for attacking scenarios. I wish there was a post just like this for defensive scenarios as I find myself conceding all sorts of types of goals and not always knowing what team instructions or tactical setups would remedy these scenarios.
  13. Thanks for the response. Direct counter, I haven't gotten it to work yet. What scenario would less urgent pressing ever work? I feel like in this ME you have to win possession back before the opposite reach your half else you're done for. How would you alter this if you were chasing a goal?
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