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  1. thank you for all this info.certainly gave me lots of different perspective.and actually my team has the second most reputation(after atletico) but since control and attacking caused opposition to simply fill in their box i thought to implement a fast counter tactic
  2. will try these but i want my focus to be the middle part with IFs cutting inside and a TREQ feeding them. and almost all of the games i play, i end up with statistics like 16 fouls against an 1 foul for, why is that i mean i know i don't want my team to hassle opposition but is this large a gap to be expected?
  3. should i remove push higher in favour of drop deeper? or would that mean team will gain possession deeper and therefore have less timeto set up a counter attack. or should i simply choose nothing in terms of defensive line? would I benefit from offiside trap?
  4. i've chosen counter because i wanted to keep the team behind the ball in a disciplined manner putting themselves in opposition's passing routes and high tempo because as soon as team gets the ball i wanted them to be quick about it. was i wrong in doing this?wouldn't a lower tempo cause my build up to be slow? and i actually didn't include hassle in the first place but then my team simply stood doing nothing and even the weakest oppositions dominated the game. and i pushed up because i i thought it would help my team get the possesion closer to the middle.
  5. what shouts would you suggest i remove ? as for the narrow thing i choose that because i want my players near each other when launching a counter doing alot of quick passes
  6. stamina and work rate i've got.actually i only ever want to use counter because control or attacking usually mean a very congested opposition box and a lot of long shots what i want to achieve is the fastest possible transition from defence to attack. and i use counter along wtih the push higher up because i want to get possesion of the ball near the middle of the pitch and launch a quick counter attack along the entire course of the game so that i find as few opposition defenders in the box as possible
  7. ok this is the tactic.I wanted to have a solid disciplined defence of which main aim was to close up any possible passing channels rather than attacking the ball in order to force the opposition into committing mistakes in passing and ,then having the ball, get as fast as possible into the third area as entire team throws themselves forward with quick passing and one&twos.I aimed to catch the opposition unbalanced and create as many one on ones as possible the problem is my tactic simply failed to do so.any suggestion on what roles to assign to my players and what instructions(team or individual) and please no link to any guide.just want to hear your ideas.
  8. okay i've deleted pics and for jdreyer i've recently made a tactic that partially helped my woes, in order to avoid two midfielders getting into the way of each other i'd suggest AP(s) and DLP(s) combination with DM(d) behind the line but the two front MCs should not be allowed to dribble in order to provide less bumping into one another(dribble less) and they should definitely close down more while DM should close down less to provide cover for the space they leave and for the TREQ he should be dribbling more and make short passes while disencouraged to shoot(shoot less often - although in my case he still shoots even when he's got available passing oppurtunities) -still experimenting with wide players -i think standard mentality should be applied -control is unnecessary since you can provide possesion by carefully instructing each player with --pass it shorter-- and this is important every single one of players-including GK is to be instructed this way in order to get the desired possession but hopefully standart mentality will make sure they don't dwell on it much and pass the ball around forming as many triangles as possible -other than that if you plan to use IF make sure they are both on attack duties and instruct them to shoot less often to lessen the number of unnecessary shots and make them sit narrower in order to have them in the passing play.they should also get cross less often since i've never get them do any decent crossing even though mine both have 20 for crossing(although this can be related to playing one man up front) oh and of course Do NOT let them dribble the ball they lose possesion far too often around the penalty box -as i said i my case applying Standart mentality seems to make the opp penalty box a little less congested so a little more room for TREQ and if he can also play in AM position you can try playing without a forward. -do not choose Pass into Space - for possesion purposes, retain possesion(along with pass shorter) should be applied -fluidity-wise i'm still not sure have this one effect ,but fluid or very fluid maybe? -and GK should distribute to defenders-although sometimes this doesn't work for some reason
  9. he said he's not converting possession into chances and that's my issue too.so in order to compare our games and try to gain some insight i 've mentioned some plays and posted screenshots and asked if the same things are happening to him too(he may not be watching games in Comprehensive mode) please don't drag this any further and let him answer btw i've posted in bugs forum and the issues are still the same so maybe it's something tactical
  10. i am not spamming i've posted screenshots just to learn whether or not this kind of things are happening in his game too. just let him answer will you?
  11. take it easy , i'm just trying to learn if the same positions are happening in his game too since he's using the same formation
  12. like i said they probably won't be able to help but perhaps you could try moving your wide players(all four of them) one slot up and making your advanced wide players APs that is if they have abilities to that end. you could ,then, free your midfielders from the burden of playmaking and give them more attack-oriented duties such as CMa and BBM and if you elect to do these changes i think exploit the flanks should be chosen too
  13. not saying it's unplayable.i am "playing" it right now but playing it and trying to play it are different things. i would like to know wht the things are happening when they do.it's just simply devolved (in terms of ME) since FM12.especially in attacking variations and i'm bringing these up simply because i would like see the game improved in future but instead i see it becoming less and less enjoyable with every patch.but concerning posting in another's thread you are right.i won't post here anymore
  14. unfortunately you probably won't find any help here or anywhere since things are happening too randomly in this game and analysing won't make much good for that reason. and the game is buggy as hell. i've been trying to play with the same tactic for a long time but ever since this last patch i'm not doing any good either.i've got numerous woes though like my Treq(or any other role) shoots even when he got much better options-usually from wingers or IFs and as for them it seem for some reason the corner flags seem to be pulling them even when they have open lines towards the post so the attack ends up in corners(at least 15 corners per game-with my player having 20 for crossing) and they will not cross(or pass) to any of my players who are in an appropriate position before the goal. instead they simply wait for the opposition to tackle the ball.
  15. i'm sorry i dont't know if this is the right place to ask this but concerning "dribbling past the keeper", does it ever happen?i'm asking because i've never seen it happen players always favour shooting even when they have the pace and the space to get nearer to the post even with the right PPM?is this a tactical thing?
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