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  1. Just a very simple one, a master tick which activates or de-activates all of the invidividual player instructions for a given catagory, making it far easier to switch between global and individual instructions. This would save time on clicking every single tick in order for the players to follow the team instructions for say passing style.
  2. sorry for the double post, another idea I've had is that you should be able to view your league table in the order that the media predicted at the start of the season. It wouldn't be very hard and could just be an option from the drop down menu with overall, combined etc on. It would just save time rather than having to look at each clubs information first!
  3. I think players could have more important relationships with other players. For example, at Man Utd in 98/99, Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke were on fire as a pair and were completely on the same wavelength thus resulting in lots and lots of goals! I know there is a prefered personal section but i think it is only an eyepleasing feature.
  4. the option to say to your players, hug the touchlinem (individual player widths and tempos) also, individual distribution like the keepers have, eg for a full back hit the line or a winger play the channels
  5. perhaps the option to see all of the oppositions prefered feet as it is very tedious to have to look through all of the players to decide for opposition instructions
  6. this is just a very small something that has always bugged me but never (i think) has been sorted out When before a game, a player is ineligable, it is possible tio click on the INE sign. When you do however, it never tells you why they are ineligable! Either i am being blind or its just a miniscule fauly in an otherwise extremely enjoyable game.
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