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  1. Hey. Great post you've got here! Learning a lot from it. Are you using any types of shouts?
  2. Cleon this thread is fantastic! Really what a nooby FM needs. I've felt like i have to a certain degree understood how to set up tactics, but identifying problems have been a real problem.
  3. Are you guys playing a direct or short passing style ?
  4. Yeah I'm 100% with you on that , and that should be how to play a football game. It's just with some video it gets easier to learn how to spot the rights and wrongs, if you get me?
  5. Cleon would it be possible to put small video sequences of you explaining what you see in the ME? I might give a more detailed view on how to analyse the game.
  6. Hey guys! I'm looking to start a new save with leeds, but I want to include the new owners and players from january transfer. The players is easy to tix, but the owners I'm not really sure. Which type of owner whould you think they are? sugar daddys and/or which one?
  7. What shouts are you generally using with your Arsenal team? How is your possesion in general looking? And how do you deal with the wingback "run from deep" I often feel like they just stand too high on the pitch not being for passes.
  8. Cool! I'll try in my second season to play a 4-4-1-1 with fellaini as inside forward and a either TM or AF on the top with direct and blanced style. Not sure whetere to use control or attack.
  9. So do you guys tick off tight marking with your CB or is it something in the TC?
  10. No one with some criticism of my idea, or maybe some directions on what I might been doing/thinkinh wrong?
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