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  1. Do you still have big Dave Stephans playing for you? So my update would be I am just carrying out further tests on the new patch but still seems pretty solid. Finished 3rd in the Prem and won the Uefa cup. Dave Stephans is now the only remaining first team starter from the original squad. Will run through the first 10 games of the new season then post if all is still going well.
  2. Will post them once I am done testing don't want to post a tactic that's on a placebo effect Basically stole the corner routines from Zero Sea's tactic, then I have been messing around some team instructions and with the CB's and Keeper settings. Next tweak will be with the Strikers Playing really well though, still a couple of issues with crosses but nothing major at the moment.
  3. No probs, Need some further testing but think I may have broke the match engine trying to find the ultimate tactic with this. Currently my striker who is pretty rubbish, has won the last two young player of the month awards and averging 7.8 and has only scored 1 goal all season We are overall doing pretty well though
  4. I should probably add, this tactic overall is awesome. And my tweaks are purely to try and produce the ultimate tactic as I am Barnet in the Prem with very little signings. Still have some of my original players from the conference
  5. Still using this but found since the patch it's not as good. Changed the DMC back to ball winning and it has made it more stable and taken off the tight marking on the WB's I had previously implemented. Really want to get it to a stage I don't need to use OI cause well it's super annoying
  6. Not sure if it's just the type of players I have had, but I find putting both the wing backs on tight marking has made the tactic even better.
  7. Seems like a fairly solid tactic so far, are there any suggested type of players for the specific positions?
  8. I tend to find it is a really good tactic until the last 5/10 minutes. Need some sort of counter tactic to deploy towards the end of the game.
  9. Been playing my own edited version of this tactic with arnet for a while now and it's been pretty solid. Plus my Barnet team are terrible, shooting well above our weight considering I have no money to get any sort of suitable players.
  10. It's all trial and error at lower leagues. Although I have been using my own variation of "Nikigreat's It's a Wing Thing" tactic for a while. But this will only suit some teams and all depends on the type of players you buy etc.... Or in my case the type of players that come through the youth team at Barnet
  11. is there any player pictures for this update hate not having pictures
  12. Can you not just make the future transfer the day after the start of the English season to fix that?
  13. to save time you could save all the legends and stats onto an excel database and record a macro to add all the players again for the new database when it comes. Save you a hell of a lot of time
  14. Actually provides a really fun game although wish there was enough legends so that all current players were under 17
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