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  1. http://imgur.com/ZTzmGPn http://imgur.com/awYYSVR http://imgur.com/GnsMD11 http://imgur.com/Afw4geq http://imgur.com/NIJXQSc http://imgur.com/KrmWkm1 http://imgur.com/cSJhOvd
  2. @ wkdsoul I'd love to have your skin
  3. yeah I realize that I'm not Mourinho so I kindly ask for help I have even used inside editor to add my attacking midfielder some special movements that would help him playing more - lets say - selfish but it is still not how I'd like
  4. Hi. I need help. How can I make my attacking midfielder playing like Ronaldino. I mean when he gets a ball I'd love to see him running with ball, dribble rather than just passing all the time. I've tried many tactic options but even if he is a good dribbler he prefer to pass is it gameplay issue or I do something wrong
  5. OK, I must say that I've noticed the gamplay graphic improved! First of all you fix antlialiasing issue. Now I like 3D matches! Thanks!!!
  6. I dont know where to ask, but I'd like to know if be_a_newgen edt file that adds certain newgens still works for FM16? It worked prefectly with FM15 and I wanted to set it this year but it seems like it doesn't work.
  7. I got a question. I use BE A NEWGEN command file to have exact newgens in my game. Will this new potential values (-85 -95) work with this edt file?
  8. Am I correct that there are changes with PLAYER POTENTIAL and now it can be -7, -75, -8, -85, -9, -95?
  9. Great changes with NATION TRANSFER PREFERENCES instead of number values now is text. THANKS!
  10. It's enough to copy and change just textures in the folders and everything works perfectly
  11. To be honest I'd say all this cosmetic changes could be packed in just one or two patches and the game could be issued as a DLC...
  12. Sorry SI, but I have to say that - for the first time since FM2005 I won't buy your game. As for FM 2016 I was waiting to see some big changes in 3D and I'm very disappointed. We've got 2015 year yet FM 3D graphic is like those in FIFA 98! Please tell why you don't work hard on 3D gameplay since there aren't any big changes in other parts of the game??? I've looked today on new 3D movie and noticed that the biggest thing you implemented is stadium stage under work... Players still looks like they are made of wood, yet you give stadium stage view being under work!!!!??? Sorry, I got enough. So
  13. Yeah! I'd like to have this option too! In the times where fm players have so different sizes of their screens (from 15" notebooks to 27" monitors) there should full option to customize FM screen size. It would help to enlarge fonts, tables, menus and other. Personally I've got 27 inches monitor and 125% zoom is to big, but such 110-115% would be perfect, as I have same zoom in my Win 8 desktop.
  14. When I reload your skin to 125% size than I loss kit icon and player details panel. I can play 100% size but text is to small, how can I change font size?
  15. I love your skin, but I have a big request, how can I large player kit name, marked on the screen: http://pl.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2q2qo7d&s=8#.VIc38Z5xm0g I know there must be some xml command to add in the panles folder in your skin folder
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