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  1. Because I didn't download it and I don't know how to use it. I just play FMT
  2. Does anyone know the Euro Cup II unique ID please? I'm unable to find it in the game. Moreover where can I find a logo for it? Thanks in advance
  3. I'm also waiting for an alternative darker skin, any update?
  4. Why French clubs don't have a reserve team like German clubs? I'm pretty sure it wasn't the case on FMT19.
  5. http://www.playgm.cc/thread-925882-1-1.html However it's impossible to download it unless you have a local phone number and email account.
  6. Still no darker alternatives? There seems to be a skin available for both PC and tablet on fmkorea but almost impossible to download it.
  7. My bad then I thought it was a different skin. Is it possible to make it darker? the original makes my eyes bleed.
  8. I can now see the skin on the preferences menu but it's exactly the same as the original once load it. Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks for your help!
  9. I did exactly as you said but still won't work for me (using a Mac). I copied and pasted the skin within the folder (fmc) inside the skin folder (Application Support -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager Touch 2020 -> skins) but still won't show in the game even after reloading the skin or delete the cache.
  10. did anyone managed to get it work? if so how exactly ?
  11. That makes the game unplayable for me. My eyes would also appreciate a darker skin.
  12. Is this Skin available for FMT20 yet?
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