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  1. Didn't Ronaldo score a hattrick of penalties against Argentina one time?
  2. I like this idea. I would implement something akin to placing a job in the job-office for staff. A similar thing for players if you are a non-league club. Basically out of contract players offer their services if you are looking for a left-back or a striker etc.
  3. One of the problems I had with International managment was the press praising up players who quite frankly don't need praising to me, because their rep is massive. Players on the up with low reputation should be getting the media plaudits not shoe-ins like Henry or Rooney. I would take one of the above's comments and suggest that you can actually watch that specific match or highlights of that player so you can see what's so good about him. I personally think the media reccomendations for call-ups are to be taken with a pinch of slat because they are either crap or a NT regular. Also, please stop non league players being able to smash the ball as hard as Steven Gerrard when they fire it over.
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