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  1. Anyone who thinks this doesn't happen irl doesn't know about Matt Murray http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Murray Absolutely fantastic goalkeeper who could have become England's number 1 had his career not been wrecked by injury after injury. Known to be a top bloke as well. Fair enough he didn't have that number of injuries, but his were more serious. For that number of injuries (over a 2.5 year period and counting) I give you Razak Boukari!
  2. FM15: What Team Should I Be?

    Not that I'm biased, but I would recommend Wolves from the Championship! Team thread is [thread=408808]here[/thread] if you are interested
  3. Thanks for your company Long Islander and Terrance, it sounds like you both had an entertaining few seasons at the helm! Gungner unlucky mate, at least you've brought in a few attacking players to cover the loss...
  4. Thanks for contributing Jogo, more than welcome I don't have a particularly great knowledge of players so any tips are gratefully received! btw my tip on Dicko - play him and give him heavy focus on finishing and it can rise by two or three points in season 1 alone!
  5. If you reduce transfer budget to £600k you'll increase wage budget to about £10k which should be enough for one of the targets (just for illustration, you may as well move it all to the wage budget...) Have you sold anyone, or are you going to try and keep a big squad happy?
  6. IIRC Dicko is your only decent striker, with Clarke and McAlinden as back-up (and Sigurdarson from January). Some people on here have had success from one or both of Clarke/McAlinden but neither are 'like-for-like' so imho it's very risky not to get another striker in, just in case Dicko gets injured. I sold Clarke and loaned in Maynard (but there are others out there!) If you really wanted to free up some wages you could get rid of Johnson on a free (though I only managed it on transfer deadline day!). There are a couple of others on high wages that you might not need, depending on your preferred formation etc Hope that helps
  7. Are the attributes declining over the course of the season? Or is it just the arrows that show 'recent attribute changes'? If over the course of the season a player is improving then it's right to praise the player. Imo don't pay much attention to the arrows: they seem to fluctuate week-to-week.
  8. Thanks for that Cleon I'll read a bit more carefully next time! I assume the coach you choose to teach the PPM makes no difference then?
  9. Hi all I used to be an avid FM player, but due to various things this is my first FM since FM12 and first one I've played much since FM10. One of the changes is now coaches teach PPMs rather than players doing it by themselves. Is there any methodology for choosing the right coach? Does the coach's personality make a difference to the success rate like tutoring? Also a specific question Cleon: in your extremely helpful thread you define PPMs as 'CA free'. Is this also true for the PPM 'Tries to develop weaker foot' (which I think is missing from your list)? If so this seems like an incredibly useful PPM - anyone had much success with it? Thanks in advance for any replies
  10. btw, does the Cleon tactic you're thinking of have a wide playmaker, roaming playmaker and raumdeuter? If so, here's a link to it on the forum, which has all the posts on the same thread (hopefully helpful ) http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/403153-Building-A-Tactic-From-The-Beginning-And-Maintaining-It-Long-Term @Terrance: Yeah, I know that's true but that doesn't take into account sentimentality of ppl like me! IRL he's our best player so I'm far too 'loyal' to him on the game than I should be. Similarly I could have cashed in with Dicko in the summer, but he's still my second-choice striker (new signing hasn't performed) and I've just offered Batth a new 4-year contract! I realise it means I've lost out on a few million with Sako but taking real-life players to great success on FM is one of my greatest pleasures in the game. Hopefully I'll still get a couple of million for Sako and in the cases of Batth and Dicko I will achieve lots with them...
  11. Thanks for the tactic info Long Islander To be fair being out-shot isn't necessarily a bad thing; it depends what kind of shots they are. For (an extreme) example, if you only have 3 shots all match, but all inside the 6-yard box, all on target and score two goals, whereas your opponent has 10 shots from outside the penalty area, gets 3 on target and scores 1, which team would you prefer to be? That's why I think clear-cut chances is a more relevant statistic, or at least shots on target. If I see an opponent shooting from outside the area I usually think that's a good thing - yes they'll score a couple over the course of the season, but it's the least likely place from which to score goals. Obviously the most relevant statistic of all is goals, which seems to have gone well for you for a while!
  12. Hi Long Islander. shame about Kane and Krul, you don't seem to have had much luck! On Sako, he's a strange one - in my first season in the Prem he was very hit-and-miss for the first half of the season, but was fantastic second half of the year, scoring some crucial goals, so much so that I decided (being sentimental to real life) that I had to reject the advances from other clubs. Now in my second premiership season he has again been hit-and-miss and for the first time he has looked off the pace in a couple of games (or as you put it, lazy). I think it's because (based on real life) he isn't very consistent so any drop in morale means he quickly loses confidence and performances drop (instead of laziness). The only way to solve this is a consistent run of games and hope he finds form but tbh I don't think I can take that risk anymore so like you am looking to sell him - only trouble being his value has collapsed since the summer! One thing - he is very left footed so I would either play him as a winger on the left or an inside forward on the right - if neither are an option in your tactic it's definitely time to sell... Btw which Cleon thread are you refering to? That sounds like a tactic I might try next season.
  13. Thanks for your reply Terrance. I'm currently experimenting with tactics which is part of the reason why I'm not sure with these guys. The 17yr-old English kid I think I'm going to train him as a DM - his passing, marking and vision need work but that would seem to be his best role and like you I'd be concerned about playing him anywhere in a back four because of his height. The 16yr-old I know is the weakest but since he has been generated in my own academy I really want him to succeed. Think I'll train him as a box-to-box midfielder to make use of his physical stats - I can always make him more defensive later. The German kid - tbh I'm sure he's going to become a top player, so am going to train him as a winger to start with but might change later - very nice problem to have
  14. Thanks for the feedback, they seem to be classic FM newgens in that there's at least one glaring weakness for whatever position I'm going to train them for! I think I'm going to go Box-to-Box, DM (as the more defensive option) and Winger...
  15. I've posted this in Tactics and Training but I reckon this is as good a place to get advice as any! I'm in the third season and I have 3 great youth players. My academy has produced a fantastic prospect already: What role would you recommend training him for? Any areas you'd look to develop? A UK scout found this guy at Port Vale: He looks amazing for his age but Marking and Jumping are very low for a centre-back. Can they improve enough for him to be a great defender? Or would I be better re-training him as a DM? But best of the lot is this guy: He looks like he could become an amazingly brilliant right winger, but I'm worried that might waste his talents a little - would you see him in a more complex role? All are rated as having fantastic potential so I'm really excited to see how they develop and hope to build my team around them in the future (but nervous I'll mess it up!) Any thoughts much appreciated