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  1. Norte, that and changing free kicks distribution to 'best header' and throw-ins to 'short'. The right CB is also assigned to 'challenge keeper' with corners. Praha, great to hear things working well! I just finished my third season with AZ, retained the title for the third time in a row, scoring 86, conceding just 20. 27W 5D 2L, 86P. Also won the Dutch Cup again and managed to win my CL group, beating Rangers, Chelsea and Partizan Belgrade to the top spot. Was eventually knocked out in the next round by Valencia, 1-1 in Mestalla and 1-2 in extra time at home due to a Vicente freekick in extra time Not unhappy about that run!
  2. Matsnor. It depends. Tbh, I often win by the odd goal. Create a decent number of chances, but my strikers don't always seem 'on'. This is something I've encountered with FM2009 in general, independent of tactic. My most common score is 2-0, but definitely with a large number of 1-0 wins as well. I guess you can call this a Mourinho type tactic; not always pretty, but it wins you matches and championships in the long run. Most important thing for me is not conceding. I know that, when I have the right players for this tactic as mentioned in the OP, I can sneak that goal. In the long run, this tactic has brought me 2 league wins and a cup win in two seasons, so I'm quite pleased. As I'm still fine-tuning my side, I'm sure European success is just a round the corner. Haven't tested this with a top European side yet, only with AZ.
  3. OP is Opening Post You should use the OP (there it is again of the Piranha tactic for Eagle.
  4. Coolestrock, make sure your central defender has good pace. It is of vital importance for this tactic to work. I would suggest you select your players based on the OP stats.
  5. Matsnor, give it some time. I found that it took my team a while to gel, and you tend to have the nervy 1-0 wins, but generally my team wins 2-0. Sometimes, when my strikers have a good day, or in games with a lot of corners, I absolutely murder the opposition, often without reply. The focus is on not conceding, and 'sneaking' goals from corners and attacks from the flanks. This is in line with my experiences with the FM09 engine, as it seems quite difficult to score goals, so it's important to make sure you concede as little as possible Also, make sure your players' stats are according to OP instructions, it makes a huge difference. Also, your DCs should be pacey and tall. The taller the better really.
  6. Yes, despite limited finances at AZ, I'm juggling my transfers in a way to accommodate to the OP suggested stats. My second seasons proved to be better than my first, as the players were more suited to the tactic. Good to hear it's worked so far, interested to see how you fare throughout the season!
  7. Sure, this is the modified tactic. Download tactic here I've changed the middle MC to DMC with barrow. Also, his closing down is on 'Own Half'. Adding to that, freekicks are aimed at 'Best header' and Throw-ins are taken 'Short'. Your right CB is set to 'Attack goalkeeper' at corners, make sure he is a tall player with good headers. Apart from these changes, I take NO credit whatsoever for this tactic, it is simply a modification to Tyler's beta Eagle which worked really well for me.
  8. Closing down for DMC is set to Own Half, right in the middle of the slider.
  9. Okay, so I've just finished my second season. Screenies below, and the results have been awesome! Champions with ease, despite the Ajax&PSV squads being stronger. Dutch Cup was a nice bonus as well. I changed the tactic as mentioned in the posts above. Worked really well, very few goals conceded.
  10. Okay, jascko, I implemented your suggestions. Must say the results are pretty awesome so far. You might really be on to something with the MC dropping to DMC. I have 10 games remaining in the league, leading by 4 points, conceding just 13 goals so far (10 of which since switching to Eagle), scoring 44. Made it through to the semi final of the Dutch cup and still in the UEFA Cup after dropping out of the CL. So far, things are looking good. Will post screenies of tactic, results and final standing in the league at the end of the season.
  11. Okay, been testing this with my AZ side, in my second season. I played the Piranha tactic in the first season, and won the Eredivisie with one point to spare against second placed PSV. My thoughts, after switching from Piranha to Eagle after 7 games played in the league. Offensively, the tactic seems sound. Especially when you have the ball in the opponents half. When following OP instructions, a lot of goals are scored from corners when you have a tall player attacking the GK. So that's all very good. What I find suspect is the defending. Every time my opponents manage to build up an attack, I get nervous. Somehow, I feel the three MCs are not interfering with the buildup play at all, putting an awful lot of pressure on my defence. I am always extremely worried I'll get a soft goal there, which happens quite a bit. Also, when building up an attack from my GK, I notice that, I think this has been mentioned in the thread before, when kicking it upfield and your MCs don't manage to secure the ball, you are extremely prone to a counter attack. Then, the above applies, with the 3 MCs unable to break up the attack. One solution I'm trying now is to distribute the ball to my RB. Also, the striker seems very isolated, as the AML/R are hardly supporting him when the ball is punted upfield. The problem I have with this is that they also seem to do very little defensively when opponents are attacking. So, what is their use when the ball is in your own half? It makes me extremely anxious to see them virtually useless when my defence is getting battered. Then, I don't see my team dominating. There's very few chances created. Thankfully, I've been fortunate in these first 5 games, with the few chances that are created converted into goals, but it feels a bit like a roll of the dice. I'm not saying this is automatically a bad thing, as long as you consistently win, it's all good, but it seems so random. An example is my game against Feyenoord, where they managed 16:7 off/on target against my 7:3. I won 3-2, which is great, but it seems somewhat random Arsenal away from home was 4-2 to Arsenal, with them creating 20:8 chances against my 5:2. Thus: very nervy! Of course, Arsenal are in a completely different league from me, but still. So, that's my initial view early into the tactic. I'll continue playing with it, as I do feel my team needs to adapt to this new style, but the above points struck me immediately.
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