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  1. Will the league format be updated as it now consists of 6 groups and no relegation this season?
  2. Cheers and good luck with them and I am going to try and get my arse on here more, probably begging for links to obscure Russian team kitpacks.
  3. I have no idea how to do that. They have me laughing out loud. My wife has now called me a nerd and I have explained to my two lads that BETA release day is like a new map on their beloved fortnite times a million.....they don't get it. I am beginning to wonder if they are my kids to be honest!
  4. Gents, I feel a bit dirty inside as only bothered to log in for the first time in ages on Saturday to see when the BETA was released but have been on here for hours since. Its been highly amusing. I'm 45 and been playing since Championship Manager over 20 years ago and have no idea how to do a GIF but its been a laugh lads even the fake release ones. The Jurgen Klopp and the fit blonde GIF was quality. I'll miss you lads its been emotional. I must be as I think I am going to manage SKA Khabarovsk. Could keep me busy until this time next year!
  5. What I fail to understand is why they couldn't just say lads its not today! Does take the **** abit.
  6. I am booking a holiday and leaving my laptop at home. I can't got through this again.
  7. Could you tell us if its not today so I can leave this thread ( as amusing as it is) until tomorrow? PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEE
  8. Good luck hopefully tomorrow we will be playing it.. Their rivals St Pauli on the short list too just reading a quality book about them. Its the just the brown kit freaks me out! I'm giving it until 12am ( watching NFL ) then the bed is calling. I'll miss this thread lads has had me laughing the last few days.
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