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  1. defusion

    Anyone here like UFC?

    Had it 29-28 Machida, but it was close, so not such a huge surprise.
  2. defusion

    Football betting thread

    Actually agree with this as well, keep the thread but move it to the football forum... would increase the number of people who read/use it.
  3. defusion

    Football betting thread

    I think its a good idea! Not everyone wants to sort through the betting thread to find the football related tips! Would keep this.
  4. defusion

    Battrick Thread

    Well I havent really played for ages, and got a random message something along the lines of "Hi mate, how are you doing" - so I assumed it was someone here :-D
  5. defusion

    Battrick Thread

    Is awesome123 someone from here?
  6. Yep, put 50€ on a double of Boro and Mainz, been a flipping awesome week!
  7. Be so kind and inbox me as well cheers
  8. oh **** Amy Winehouse lives on and is now Italian! :-o
  9. defusion

    Anyone here like UFC?

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v391/zombi_king/broke2.gif HOw awesome was that :-o
  10. this is such a joke of a fight
  11. This is not going to last long, such a mismatch tbh
  12. Confused Clarity atvkwkad STFC will rule again Brez22 Pukey jonahno6 hilly_boro Astafjevs steff Plumble Andrew_ Standard liege! craigcwwe ssestig Icelander83 Carmi88 TM Pablo DiscoBar LRJ RickyButton Nadessico Sayengwar James_W Higgzy roykela PaulHartman71 Benjani'sBootCleaner Gizzyspop gordon_a Glenn Wakeford DanGLiverpool MeekoHFC MattieCoopz Seanydude Generation-Next MackDaddy-D HopOnBaby JamboLad Help!!! Darren1983 Ssaun is cool defusion
  13. defusion

    Anyone here like UFC?

    I watched, but too lazy to post
  14. defusion

    Anyone here like UFC?

    King Mo :-( idiot