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  1. Hey,looking for Diego Simeone Atletico Madrid tactic... With counter or defense mentality..
  2. First season with FK Partizan allowed goals only 13... nice tactic I changed some player roles and mentality..
  3. I think the mentality has to be on the defensive and team shape structured
  4. who wants to experiment freely...or to somehow improve attack...or improve corner routine defensively and offensively please do share...
  5. and OIs http://imgur.com/g9AjR2P http://imgur.com/D3q4Z1N
  6. http://imgur.com/uaWYjo6 http://imgur.com/1BvmsJu http://imgur.com/5snJBt3 http://imgur.com/GHHnl37 http://imgur.com/f1vperM http://imgur.com/ufxEXZZ http://imgur.com/PrK5x30 http://imgur.com/v3O6mMS http://imgur.com/SCzOhYp http://imgur.com/clURkQt
  7. http://imgur.com/yZlmY7h http://imgur.com/Mgpgs4S http://imgur.com/iFKPwdn http://imgur.com/iFKPwdn http://imgur.com/VRIaWt1 http://imgur.com/86rWEDt
  8. I have a few pics to share..but do not know how to do it...I was looking at FAQS...and nothing... so i played 63 matches and scored 122 goals and allowed 27...with formation 4-2-3-1 win 49 draw 7 lost 7 win percentage 77% in one season with Partizan Belgrade...I could have less to lose...but I could not because I was in champions league with..Juventus..FCP..Olympiacos.. I passed first phase but suddenly Galatasaray beat me at home 0-2...then draw at their house 2-2...and this is the end of my story in champions league...
  9. Hey guys... Can someone help me creating Diego Simeone tactic (counter 4-4-2)? Start from the beginning TI...OI..PI...and all the rest.. I tried myself but without success.. Any assistance would be of great help Thx in advance
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