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  1. Since last night when i get to around the 25th of june on the save below it doesn't let me save the game it says "The game cannot be saved". I have follow all steps on the forums and i have tried it also on another fresh pc of mine and the same happens. If i turn autosave off and try get past the 25th it quits the game out either the 25th of june and 23rd of june. Also when it tries to autosave and it says game could not be saved and i try continue it just keeps saying the same, I have tried loading the save from earlier in the season and the same happens. This has only happened since the new update. https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4
  2. They haven't joined yet. It doesn't make you pay twice if you apply while they're at your club. I have uploaded it to the cloud i think save game is
  3. Hello, i have been getting this from the start of the beta but i didn't know if it was the new rules or just a game bug. When i have signed a player and he fails a work permit and he is still at the club waiting for the arranged transfer. I re-apply for the work permit after 120 days and once they fail it they make me pay again for the player which can add up alot if the player is worth alot of money. It takes this money out of the transfer budgets also. This seems to happen more when i re-apply for the work permit in the players profile. I am managing Liverpool if this helps. Thanks
  4. Been struggling a while to find out what the best method is to encourage cutbacks with your wingers and fullbacks, they said they fixed them in the recent update but i'm failing to see any improvement. I've tested different player traits. Nothing seems to help?
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