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  1. Customizing the custom view

    This is so frustrating! Honestly, can we expect a solution for this, as it has been a problem for years?
  2. Customizing the custom view

    This is a really frustrating issue that's been around forever. Constantly having to move, resize and delete columns to get it properly setup is a true annoyance. How hard could it be? Well, obviosuly really hard I guess, since it is impossible to fix?
  3. I might have missed it but has anyone compared simulation to FM16? Does the 64 bit make any real difference?
  4. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    I m giving this challenge a go. By the way, what skin is that? The link to the save with the large database is not working. Anyone kind enough to upload it again?
  5. I think OldTimer might have solved it...
  6. I am enjoying playing once again. It is great being able to play on the tablet. I do feel the limit of three leagues is a bit much though, as it makes U21 national teams empty. Heck even the regular national teams are stripped down and many nations have very few players. I feel it might ruin a long term game.
  7. Anyone else noticed that they stopped working? The option to use the extensions has been removed from the menu. Is it s known issue or worth raising in the bug forum?
  8. Change language?

    Thanks, that did it!
  9. No youths?

    OK, thanks!
  10. I have just finished the first season and noticed that there are no youth intakes for any teams. When will those happen? Is it different from the full version?
  11. Change language?

    Also, which CPU for the android tablet would be best suited for this game? Single, dual, quad or octa core?
  12. How do I change the laguage on the Android version from Swedish to English? I am really enjoying this gamemode. With two young kids the gaming time in front of the PC has been reduced. Playing FMT on the PC is great and being able to play on a Tablet Z (first generation) is a brilliant addition. I do miss the youth squads but I am having fun playing again. It has been years since I could say that.
  13. Speed has been reduced since 1.0.2

    I have the same issue.
  14. 2D engine broken after update

    Highlights: None Clock Speed: Fast Acion speed: Fast forward It was fine before the latest update. However, the clock speed has slowed down significally with this update.
  15. Eastside is back

    Figured it was a joke when I saw it on Twitter. Awesome news!