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  1. Much deeper interactions with the players. Do something with the pre and post match conferences the choices are dumb, repetative and for me the entire feature has become anoying I just always send assistant now and every once in a while he completely stuffs it up More realistic player values and wage demands... I would really like to see the ability to join the game as a excentric man with 2 million quid or whatever and start your own club completely from the ground up So your owner/manager have to share a ground at first or something so I think this would be good cos it would open up an entire new area of the game.. You would have complete control over everything unless you sell some shares or whatever IM probably not explaining myself well but I would really like to see it in the future. im sick of asking the board for things and being denied for some bs reason if i was the board then I could just expand the stadium (with planning permission) or increase the wage bill or whatever cos it would be my money. You could also impliment this say if your a manager who has Managed a big team for 5 years or somthing and you have amased quite alot of personal wealth you could start your own club as above from the ground up and turn it in to a billion pound champions league power house! (Or buy a leage 3 club or something w/e)
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