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  1. Hey Liam, Cheers for posting. This issue is probably better off in the PC Technical Issues forum so I'll move it over there for you.
  2. Hey zigaliro, Cheers for posting. Could we get a screenshot of the game when it is blurry please?
  3. Hi hippo1475, Cheers for posting. I think this issue is better off in the Technical Issues forum rather than UI, so I'm moving it over for you.
  4. Hey Filgaliel, Cheers for posting. I'm not convinced this is a UI issue, it looks like a game file may have gone missing and this is the result. I'd have thought you'd have to reinstall the game to resolve this, but I'll move this across to the PC Technical Issues forum as someone there should be able to help.
  5. Cheers for the additional info. This doesn't sound like this would be a UI issue in that case, I'm moving this across the to Mac Issues forum as someone there may know more about this.
  6. Cheers for getting back to me, could you try switching the Rendering Mode from GPU to Software Rendering? This can be found in Preferences -> Interface. If the problem still persists after that, would you be able to describe, step by step, how this issue occurs? It's not something we've had reported before and we've not been able to reproduce it in the office.
  7. Okay, try doing the below instructions on both machines and see if it helps. Windows 1. Delete your Cache Folder 2. Delete your Preferences Folder 3. Verify your Game Cache Mac 1. Delete your Cache Folder 2. Delete your Preferences Folder 3. Verify your Game Cache Let me know if it helps at all.
  8. Hi velana, Thanks for posting. Is this happening on both your Mac and Windows PC?
  9. I think this is caused by Antivirus Software scanning your game files whilst the game is open, moving this thread over to the PC Issues forum and they'll have a better idea on this one.
  10. Hi colinho, Thanks for posting. Would you be able to provide a screenshot of this please?
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