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  1. Hi @mernild, Thanks for taking the time to post! This is an issue we're aware of and we currently have it under review. Tom.
  2. Tom Miles

    Player Icons have disappeared

    Hi @George Ward, Thanks for posting! Could you upload a screenshot of your issue please? We'd just like to see exactly what's happening. Thanks, Tom.
  3. Tom Miles


    Hi @littledragon84, Thanks for posting. There isn't an option to do exactly what you're after, however if you change the camera to 2D Classic it should at least get rid of the 3D backgrounds for you. Hope this helps! Tom.
  4. Tom Miles

    After match I can't see the graphic

    That's right yeah.
  5. Tom Miles

    After match I can't see the graphic

    It looks like your players just haven't formed any partnerships with each other yet, if you keep playing matches players who play together will gradually form partnerships and you'll see the lines between them. If you were seeing them before it might just be that you've changed the players in your team or you've changed tactic at some point?
  6. Tom Miles

    After match I can't see the graphic

    Ok great, could you take a screenshot of the issue and upload it here so we can see please? We'll need a screenshot of the whole screen this time. To take a screenshot of all of the screen just press Alt + F9 and the screenshot you have taken will appear.
  7. Tom Miles

    After match I can't see the graphic

    Hi @antiklitos, So to be clear, this lines between your players (like the ones in the picture you uploaded) aren't there anymore? If that's correct, could you check: 1. That you have players selected for every position on the pitch. 2. That you have selected the "Analysis" button that is in the top right of the tactics pitch.
  8. Tom Miles

    start game

    Hi @cybermn68, Thanks for posting! Is this happening when you click on the Advanced Setup option? If so, do you have any data files in your Editor Data folder? Thanks, Tom.
  9. Tom Miles

    Blank U18 League Stats

    Hi @jcharters22, Thanks for posting! We now have this issue under review. Thanks, Tom.
  10. Tom Miles

    Split Screen Option

    Hi @Gizmo85, Thanks for posting! Although the tab/panel for split view is gone you are still able to create a split view in match using the widget dock. When dragging a widget, you'll see four icons (one at the top, bottom, left and right) and if you drag a widget onto one it will create a panel that overlays the pitch. If you pin the dock then it creates a view the same as the old split view. You can add as many widgets as you like to this and resize it as far as you like - so it should give you more variety and customisation than the old split view, plus you can have it from any side of the pitch. If you're having issues with the 3D cutscenes then please feel free to make a post in the Technical Issues forum to see if they can help at all. I hope this helps! Thanks, Tom.
  11. Hi @RandomJozza & @professor_rob, Thanks for taking the time to raise this issue. We have this reproducing internally and it's now under review. Tom.
  12. Tom Miles

    graphic error on team line-up

    Yeah, we're aware it's still present in the full version of the game, if you navigate away from the Tactics panel and back to it, it should fix the issue. We do still have the issue under review internally and are looking at a permanent fix.
  13. Tom Miles

    auto scrolling and making a profile

    If it's working fine I'd leave it, feel free to let us know if it happens again though. Hope you enjoy the game!
  14. Tom Miles

    auto scrolling and making a profile

    Hi @coolrob91, Thanks for taking the time to post! Could you try the below please and see if that helps? 1. Delete your Cache Folder. 2. Delete your Preferences Folder. 3. Verify your Game Cache. Thanks, Tom.
  15. Would you be able to upload a screenshot of how you're trying to change roles please? Just need to see exactly what you're doing so we can try and narrow any issues down, if you could write some steps for us too just outlining what you're doing at each point, that would be great. Thanks, Tom.