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  1. Players are complaining about a heavy workload, but their workload is average. Is this a bug or a feature?
  2. Ditto, it would be nice to know whether I should go to bed, or whether it'll be released in the next hour or so.
  3. Looking for favoured clubs and favourite personnel on a players profile, but can't find them? Edit: Found them... Doh!
  4. I always think that my team has several underrated youth players every year. You just have to accept that the researchers are going to have different opinions to you, and change them yourself in the editor.
  5. I have two coaches training just tactics, workload is average, players are still moaning.
  6. I have two coaches dedicated purely to tactics. The workload is still heavy and players are moaning. I think it's a bug, the issue has been raised already.
  7. You can do it with any team, the difficulty settings change the number of points you start with.
  8. Man Utd bid 20m-ish for Vertonghen. Negotiated them up a bit.
  9. Well I managed to sell Adebayor. So anything should be possible!
  10. The more I play the more I like the new match engine. A few annoying things happen, but generally I like it a lot. I just set up my team for short passing and keep possesion, and i've seen some great tiki-taka being played. So good work.
  11. Name: Joshua Onomah Position: CM, AM Age: 17 Club: Spurs Value: 250K Sale Value: Don't know Work Permit: No His potential is very good, my assistant rates him 3.5-4.5 stars (playing as Spurs).
  12. Players are complaining about "not enough coaching attention during tactics training" - Does this mean that the coach I have set for tactics has too high a workload?
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