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  1. That sounds like a bug rather than a feature request and our QA Team will need to be aware of it. If you could post examples and a saved game, our team will investigate. Many Thanks. Football Manager 2017 - Bugs Forum - Other Gameplay Issues
  2. Noted. Backroom advice should be more prevalent in the inbox or match preview beforehand when competition stages change.
  3. It would be the city attractiveness, that he has chose Tottenham (London) over Liverpool. Amongst other things like club manager, club reputation, contract and personal terms etc. EDIT - But he shouldn't be stating where he works as he is not a part time footballer, that string/sentence doesn't help, so may worth sending over a saved game to QA for them to take a closer look.
  4. No player is ever 100% fit in real life. It was a sin in previous Football Manager's if you played a player with an orange injury status flag however with 2016's injury revamp, this is now encouraged. You also receive updates now from your AM regarding fitness tests and a recommendation on the game time. Also too much training as in individual training on top of team training may affect players. You should be receiving news items from your assistant manager if Player A, is unhappy about your training workload. Players who don't make your current starting XI, week in, week out. They should be getting match sharpness in your reserve teams. Many users have large squads and cannot give players the game time in the first team which they desperately crave which also contributes to a lot of players moaning about game time which is another issue always debated among these forums.
  5. You need to go the preferences and from within there, click the drop down [Preferences > Interface] and under the [Appearance] section, you need to tick the box "Reload skin when confirming in Preferences". This will reload the skin when confirming the preferences anyway. You will now also be able to press [sHIFT + R] whilst in a game too.
  6. Click on a player shirt on the pitch from the left and individual stats and instructions will appear for that player.
  7. Valid and should be taken into consideration. However if they were any good, they wouldn't be playing in the Faroe Islands.
  8. The background is blurred as the user should be concentrating on the forefront pop-up, as they will be interacting with this. The user's eye shouldn't be looking/distracted by the background image or text.
  9. If you're referring to the help bubbles for game advice, you need to just hover over them. Clicking them, removes them.
  10. If you visit a competition screen (e.g English Premier Division), you can then click on [Transfers] from the sub menu underneath the titlebar. It is also present on the season preview screen of a competition too.
  11. If he has signed Joe Allen for Boreham Wood, I am impressed. I can't do it in my save with them.
  12. Are you saving your games to the Steam Cloud?
  13. This is to allow you to see not just how your team is performing and more statistics in-between but you can now line up both teams statistics and see how the opposition is faring, allowing you to counter any threats.
  14. Researchers tend to leave PA alone. They may be a huge difference between a player's PA and CA but if they're an older player, they will never get to their PA anyways due to like you and others have mentioned with injuries/age etc. Many researchers tend to leave it because if a player has dropped down the leagues, they once had the potential of making it/being a world beater and also represents the level they did reach or could have been. This also allows an AR (Assistant Researcher) to gauge mental attributes, plus especially in the lower leagues if they've played at a higher level. So only the CA always differs and changes really. PA should never really change, as that was their potential. Reputation and current ability should change to reflect the player.
  15. Scout Knowledge will decrease on a player overtime, if you don't continuously keep tabs on them. A player may change over the space of a season, attributes change, a number of factors can affect a player, he may have picked up an injury, fell out of a favour with his current manager etc, this is how the new scouting system is designed to work to better reflect real life.