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  1. Wow, your 4-1-2-1-2 is knocking them in at a fantastic rate, much more than mine is. What roles are you utilizing beyond the T in AMC and Regista?
  2. Yeah I was really disappointed to see how few packs were up there when I checked a few weeks ago. Hopefully there are more now.
  3. Good question, would be nice if the Hall of Fame point values for leagues and competitions were dynamic based on league/country rep.
  4. My best MC ever, from FMC 13. Used him as a BWM and he dominated. Probably should have used him as a DC, but I never had trouble with the back line.
  5. Cool, thank you Lucas. I'll apply it then. It's a shame it's not on by default like it was in FMC 13.
  6. How does attribute masking work? Does it hide all attributes on unknown players? Only some? Does it even obscure the stats of your own players so you have to judge them on their play instead of numbers? How far does it go?
  7. Just what kind of scouting options am I supposed to have? I took over a club and looked at their scouting assignments. One was UK & Ireland I think. My chief scout was awful, however, so I replaced him. My new scout is now assigned to just a generic scouting of "Players" and I can assign other duties for Next Opposition and specific leagues, bot not regions. What's worse is if I cancel the "Players" assignment I can no longer assign a scout to any region or even back to "Players" only Next Competition or a league within the country. Maybe I should report this in the bug forum, but it would also be nice to hear from someone what my options actually should be.
  8. It's a bit frustrating to have strikers get 1 on 1's on a breakaway only to get inside the box and then be obliterated from behind by a defender with a "clean" tackle more than half the time. I've never seen a penalty called on one either. Where's the team instruction "Stop Getting Tackled from Behind"?
  9. Have fun with the 4-1-2-1-2! It's my favored formation and I've had great success with it.
  10. I was sad to see this not included in FM 13. I doubt they've put it into 14 since I haven't heard anything about it, but we can hope!
  11. I'm interested to see how my approach from 40+ seasons of FMC 13 has to adjust for 14. I plan on picking it up in the next few weeks.
  12. Bummer! Do you use rolling saves? Have you tried going back to a previous?
  13. Looking forward to another great thread here, I really enjoyed last year's. AK, do you run any logo packs or competition mods from Steam Workshop? Maybe the differences stem from me playing Classic. Cheers!
  14. Been enjoying making my way through your career over the past few weeks. I'm caught up with a little over half of it but now it seems your Photobucket bandwidth has been exceeded!
  15. In my 26th year with the Tonbridge Angels. Finished 2nd in the EPL for 3rd year in a row. Just...can't...see to knock Chelsea off their perch.
  16. I've been offered the England coaching job alongside my Tonbridge Angels. I accepted the job and couldn't get a team report or any player ratings because I didn't have an Assistant Coach to give them, but when I went to hire one it tried to replace my current Tonbridge assistant instead of adding one for the USA team. I also can't hire a scout for the England squad either.
  17. Yes, exactly. It was in my first Capital One Cup final and the game went to penalties. All I could do was grimace and shake my head.
  18. Punts an easy penalty straight at the GK for a save. Curse you FM gods!
  19. Haha, wow, so sitting back and doing nothing during my matches will see my team perform better than trying to use shouts to adjust. I guess my tactics are working just fine on their own! Thanks for the reply, Lucas.
  20. What adjustments or reactions does your assistant make if you have him run a game by simming it if you have no Match Plans programmed in? Will he make any at all? Does he use shouts? I ask because having my assistant run matches seems to have my team perform significantly better than when I run matches, even without a Match Plan! I must be screwing up Touchline instructions something awful.
  21. Closest you can get to skipping mid-match is setting your ME to commentary only and pumping the speed to full.
  22. I've taken Tonbridge to the EPL and it's been fun. They start with a couple good strikers.
  23. What I would love to see is a dynamic nickname generator, where players would earn nicknames on their own. That would be rad. I've only used nicknames in a few situations where it was too funny not to relate the player's real name to something else. I had "Harry Bull" and simply had to nickname him Hairy Balls. Also, when it's too hard to pronounce their name. Yigit Gazi Gungor = Yogurt.
  24. Seems the ME no longer skips to the end of the current highlight after viewing the Tactics screen during a match.
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