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  1. I recall Classic only having Next Opposition, Competition, and Region. I'll check when I get home.
  2. My board allows scouting in Central Europe and "is willing to allow scouting in Brazil." However I can't set up my scout to give reports on Brazil since the South America region contains other countries that the board is apparently not willing to have scouted. Correct? I can still manually scout players in Brazil, but that gets tedious.
  3. My suggestion would be to try out Classic mode. I was in your position last year and Classic was great at teaching me the game. It's more streamlined.
  4. I choose to believe the FA Cup scenario.
  5. I think ~24 is the point where they stop improving significantly in a physical sense.
  6. [h=1]Anyone else get this error when trying to start a new thread? I'm trying to get a FM Career Update thread going but I get this instead. I'm not banned obviously, so, what's the deal? Forbidden[/h]You don't have permission to access /newthread.php on this server. Apache Server at community.sigames.com Port 80
  7. Indonesia brings out massive attendance, even for the low tier clubs, and there are a ton of them. I managed a save there for a few season but there are like 1,171 clubs and getting promoted is hard as hell.
  8. I always give the DoF the boot with a mutual termination when I take over a club and never hire another. Saves their salary and lets me have full control.
  9. How's the free space on your C: drive? I have the game installed on another drive, but if my C: with Windows has less than 300 MB or so of free space, it will give that error message. Stupid SSD, should have gotten a bigger one.
  10. I still enjoy it, but to be honest my troubles were in FMC 13, so perhaps 14 has fixed the youth recruitment growing pains. I have played more of a journeyman career in '14 since FMC can now have more than 3 leagues loaded, and I've jumped ship to a larger club at this point.
  11. I"m not inclined to read through 3400 posts, so apologies if this has been mentioned. What I would love to see is dynamic nicknames and new rivalries assigned by the game itself. Perhaps for the nicknames have a large database of preset nicknames with requirements to be met before a player is called that. They could be based on stats, attributes, PPMs, personality, age, nationality, their real name, and any combination of those. In media blurbs the player could be reffered to as John "nickname" Smith, or "Nickname" Smith, and simply "Nickname". Spice it up. For rivalries, perhaps if your club has played another X number of times in big matches, whether league or continental, and there's a close to 50/50 win ratio between the two clubs, it could become a rival. This would be most useful when taking a small club to the top of a nation over a long term save and develop official rivalries with the major players there.
  12. Hans-Peter Peterhans is the greatest name I've ever seen.
  13. I haven't been in a situation in FM14 yet where I have a player that's worth a loan fee, but in '13 I had a player loaned out for $6m for the year, and repeated that for 2 or 3 years in a row.
  14. Yeah, the youth stuff is frustrating if you're a small club that's risen to the top of a nation. Recruitment networks are painfully slow to expand.
  15. Not sure what you're talking about here, as you can absolutely request a new stadium and training facility upgrades. The question is, will your club have the cash?
  16. My regen faces go blank occasionally when I ALT+TAB, but then come back upon simply hitting Continue.
  17. This is incorrect. Young players do have the potential to grow a few inches taller.
  18. Just ran across a Nigerian named ThankGod Bolaji. Errr, okay...
  19. I'm managing PSV in 2027 and just had my future superstar snatched up by AC Milan for $48 million. Damn minimum fee release clauses. I'm pretty much bombarded with offers for my players. Sold a 15 year old for $7.5m to PSG too.
  20. I'd argue some parts of FMC make it harder. You can't control PPM's or tweak individual player attributes through tutoring to get the exact squad you want. You gotta work with what you have. Retraining a position is also more difficult, as the only way to do it is simply play them there, ages before they're really effective in that new spot.
  21. I managed to work myself up to a nearly $900 million transfer budget in last year's game, but that's probably because I never splashed big money on transfers, poached all sorts of wonderkids, and was always far in the black selling aging ones.
  22. Next man up! There are usually players you can get on frees that are as good or near, doubly so if you've been promoted back to back. Your club's reputation might hinder your ability to sign the best players you can afford, but your star winger is unlikely to change his mind and re-sign. He probably wants to go to a bigger club and make a lot more money than you can offer him.
  23. I would occasionally get a weird bug in FMC 13. It seemed to only occur in the summer months and my currency numbers would somehow get set to pounds, but the symbol would remain as U.S. $. Confused the hell out of me, but usually a quit and reload would set it right.
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