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  1. Ajer from Start. I allways try to buy him. Develops to become an class player.
  2. Excellent tactic. Just went from 3 Victorias, 2 draws, 5 losses. To 9 victories and 1 draw i 10 matches. Mixing between 343r and 442r. Ising my tactic with Barrow In conference North
  3. Im considering buying a laptop. MSI GP 70 screen 17,3 Prosessor: intel i7 4710hq 2,5ghz Graphics nvidia GT 840m 2 GB 8 GB ram hardrive 750 GB Does anyone know if this noe could run 3d engineering? And most important would the game run smoothly? Thanks for your thoughts!
  4. I have the same question, could spend up to 1500 £ on a laptop. Any suggestions?
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