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  1. It is realistic. A new manager almost always brings his own staff hires. A few might hang around, but in general the old staff goes with the old manager. Or at least goes the way of the old manager.
  2. I think it's pretty clear what the OP is saying, converted to a scale of 100, FM has his pace at 65 vs the 90 in FIFA (or 13 vs 18 in FM terms). I don't have a horse in this race, and don't know which is more accurate, but it's pretty clear that's a big disparity. Things like pace are more quantifiable than something like composure or decisions, and this disparity seems worthy of mention. Now whether the OP thinks one or the other is more appropriate only he can say. But for one game to see the player as very fast while the other is a little better than average seems a notable discrepancy.
  3. Well, just like the playing staff I run the rule over them and compare them to others I could bring in. If they're good enough or better than the options, they stay on. If not, mutual termination. If any staff position is overstocked according to staff limits I cull the weakest ones (or sometimes the oldest, most expensive or ones nearing the end of their contracts) to get down to the club-designated limit. Sometimes I will ask the board for an increase in staff limits. No two situations are exactly alike and you gotta take it as it comes. In the main though I can usually find some upgrad
  4. Same league? In England for example you can offer a contract to an expiring-contract player from a different nation in January, but must wait until season's end to do so for a player on an English club.
  5. I seem to recall I used to be able to select all players and then right click to set rest enmasse. I've forgotten how I did this. How is it done?
  6. Just to add one thought.... I've never been quite sure what effect the PPM "Dictates Tempo" actually has, but I've always suspected it is a wet blanket. I've had a number of fantastic central midfielders through the years who also had this PPM and in the main they've failed to live up to my expectations. Players who should be performing better based on their attributes, but who underwhelm. I chalk it up to that PPM and remove it whenever possible. My suspicion is this PPM must be combined with very high decisions, and maybe that's what it comes down to. But generally I set the tempo in th
  7. Right, with those attributes and PPMs he'd make a stellar deep lying distributor. Just don't give him instructions asking him to beat players off the dribble. Have him sitting deep acting as fulcrum to spray passes all over the pitch. I'd sign him for sure and use him like that. That flair won't matter unless you ask him to run with the ball.
  8. Some good comments in this thread about mistakes. I bought FM20 late and played one save (Derby) for about eight seasons, and then shelved it due to aspects of the match engine that drive me batty. It's mostly good, but some things I just can't take. Aside from that I was left feeling that the football is far too precise, so it's interesting to read the comments in this thread now. That's how I felt about it so I decided to go retro and re-installed FM13. The difference is glaring. In that save I played Leeds, so started at Championship level in both games. But the frequency and types of mista
  9. I played my Derby save through the 2027 season. In the end we won two league titles (Premiership and Championship), four league cups, one FA Cup and one Europa League. Not too shabby. Got a 10,000 seat expansion to Pride Park in 2026. I'm calling time due to some frustration with the match engine. It's mostly fine, but a few things drive me nuts so I'm going to call it quits. Derby are a good club, and the healthy financial situation at game start is primed for success, provided you make the right signings and do a job as the manager. The club has all you need to bounce out of the Champio
  10. 18-6-3 over 27 matches is promotion form. Nicely done mate. Of your acquisitions, the only one we share is Curtis Jones. I brought him in on loan in my first season in the top flight. He did well and I loaned him for a second season. Tried to loan him a third time but Liverpool wanted to give him a shot in the first team, which didn't last long and I ended up buying him for 29 mil as he was listed. He is in a rotation with one of my best signings, a Kosovan winger named Edon Zhegrova who has been a revelation. Don't recall what I paid for him at the mo, but whatever it was was a snip cons
  11. I'd say it doesn't work very well. In my current Derby County save (2027) Barcelona has Fati as an icon and Messi as favored personel.
  12. Just finished up the 2025/26 season. Won the league and promotion at the second time of asking, and since then have pushed on to be a contender in the top flight. Struggles and fights for survival make for more compelling reports, but that hasn't been my lot with Derby and we have consistently punched above our weight. I reckon my tactics click well, a high-press flat 4-4-2, and results are better than I might expect considering the quality of the squad through the years. After gaining promotion we went straight in the the Europa League after the next season, winning one title, with a 4-1
  13. I only used 'mixed' for all set pieces, especially corners and throws so that I do not find an 'exploit' that works an inordinate amount of the time. I recall back for like FM 08 or 09 if you set your CB to challenge keeper he would score 20 goals a season off of corner kicks and since then I will only use mixed.
  14. I wanted to do the same, but, if you get promoted, some of these are just not good enough for me. Depends on how they develop from save to save I reckon, but for me Whittaker, Sibley and Bird are not up to snuff. Of those only Whittaker has been sold, now in season three (first in PL). Bird is a useful sub, but not really Premier League quality. Bogle and Knight though are proper top-flight players for me. Lowe makes a good second-choice at left back. Our first season in the top-flight is in the books, and Derby County finished sixth. Won the league cup over Arsenal, even though the Gunn
  15. Honestly I wouldn't give him any of those. If he is already playing how you want him to (and judging by the quoted bit he is) I wouldn't want to risk that. I see no need to give him any of those PPMs, which will make him behave differently. It could end up being better, but if he is already performing, why chance it? His off the ball, bravery, teamwork, anticipation, decisions and work rate are all good for that level and I'd just let him do his thing based on those.
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