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  1. Do you have any negotiated clauses you can cash in to make up the shortfall? Ask the board for a wage or transfer budget increase?
  2. I rarely or never buy anyone over 25. It's not that I don't think they could do a job or that they are too pricey. It's more about how I like to get young guys so I can hopefully have them in my squad for years and in the end see how their career stacks up playing for my team. There can be exceptions when I have an emergency hole to fill like when a sure-fire starter goes down for 6 months right at the end of the window. I spend alot of time evaluating players FM careers and best elevens as I find it interesting. Short term players never figure in this. But as a policy I don't sign players over 25 and even those are rare. One of the most rewarding things in FM is signing youngsters who go on to have glittering careers. So that's the route I go when I have a choice. But it's a personal thing, no reflection on the player's ability to make an impact. But signing a 29 or 30 year old player feels like a rental since in 2 or 3 years I will be hoping to shed them.
  3. He should have been a keeper with high communication.
  4. Just getting ready to begin season 2 as Liverpool manager. I'm a life-long supporter, but despite playing FM since FM08 I've never managed them. I never start with good teams, and it was more fun I thought to be a fan in FM too. I would always follow them in the game as well, cursing and praising their signings and lamenting their failures.... But then the CL final happened and I was inspired to start a save and get rid of the keepers and replace them with someone worthy of being the Liverpool keeper. Sold Mingolet first summer no problem but no one will buy Karius. I gave him a few games and he was terrible so now he rots and complains. Can't unload him for half of his value. So I'm still paying him, with a month to go in the window. Liverpool have a great squad in FM18. Not just the quality of the players, which is pretty high, but the age and the fact that most players are locked in for a few years is also nice. The balance of the squad is good too. But the number of on-loan players is high, and is my biggest problem at the moment. Once they return there's a bit of a logjam, and I'm having big trouble unloading some of them. I read through this thread and folks are getting great offers for some of these players but I'm not. Even offering them out on cut-rate deals. Yeah, yeah, you've heard it before. Madrid took Firmino for his release clause, and I was OK with that. He did well, 20/20 first season, but I had bought Belotti and had other targets in mind. My main issue is several players have come to me asking to be let go to City/Madrid/Barca/PSG and I always respond that we'll talk if there's an offer. But this offer never comes. I've been ready to sell Mane for two seasons. I already bought his replacement even! So the logjam grows. I have 250 million in the transfer kitty but I can't spend it with so many players on the books. Savic from Lazio is transfer listed and I want to buy him but I have too many central midfielders already on the books. I lost out on Icardi to United because Madrid took too long to take Firmino. Bayern offered big money for Salah but I don't want to sell him, but may have to shed players. I'd rather sell Mane. Barca and Madrid both have 'Major Transfer Interest' in him but no bids come. I offered him out for some crazy money and nada. Thought I might get a negotiation out of it at least. Anyway, won the league going away and the League Cup too. Lost the FA Cup final to United on pens and knocked out in the CL quarterfinals to Monaco. We did enough to win, except we didn't score enough goals It's fun to actually be managing my team after all these years, especially since I waited until they were good again. I just hope I can trim the playing staff without losing these valuable players on frees, or be forced to resign them so I don't.
  5. Haha, he must have had a hell of a game. I'm guessing besides a clean sheet and a couple of assists he cut the grass in a neat pattern, painted the lines and handled the public address duties .
  6. I think the way to do this is start with a team several leagues down. Every game matters because you want to be promoted, and just as you reach the point where you are a really good side you get promoted and you're suddenly not good anymore due to the better competition, and now you do it all over again.
  7. Wolverhampton. Good squad. Good facilities, some promising youth and loanees. Fantastic board. Cool color and logo. Not the most challenging start I must say, but everything is in place for immediate success.
  8. Target man doesn't mean he has to be tall and strong. It simply means that he will be the target. I've had plenty of success using strikers who are far from the stereotypical target man in that role. Give it a try.
  9. Haha, I didn't even notice it in my last save. Nothing to see then....
  10. Started a new save and early on I got a message that the Qatar World Cup had been moved to Australia. Well, good on 'em I say. The Aussies deserve it don't they? I think the reason given was scheduling conflicts, but whatever the reason, I really like this development in my save. Didn't even know this was a thing.
  11. Yes, or I was first season, but now in the Championship and only Smith has the required quality. Davis is no longer a Port Vale player.
  12. I'm playing Port Vale, who had enough quality to achieve back to back promotions. I think the first year expectations were top-half, but sorry I no longer recall. It was less than gain promotion anyway. The good starting squad requirement is a bit sketchy in League Two
  13. I agree with Geordieboy. I recently played a Wolves save for a few seasons, and over the course of the first season we lost 22 million pounds, to finish the season 11 million in the red. The chairman, bless his socks, then injected 27 million in to the club, washing away the debt. Then the PL money kicks in (assuming promotion). Wolves have a great situation in FM18. My Wolves save if you wish to see how things went for me
  14. Not certain, haven't tried to manage in a newly added league, but yes, I think you'll need to wait until then.
  15. Yes, and it will begin at the start date for the next season in that nation, which varies of course.
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