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  1. I noticed something similar when I had a player set to "Encouraged". If he instigated a fight, he would always receive 2+5+ a game misconduct. However, the AI players would receive the correct 2+5+10 if they instigated a fight. I haven't had a player set to "Encouraged" since 15.0.1b, so not sure how it is working now.
  2. 3D match engine! But since that is probably a ways off, how about the ability to "praise" or "criticise" a player as in FM? Right now, we can only do this on the off chance the media talks about the player.
  3. Maybe a silly question, but how do I save a PKM file? I can't seem to find a way to save the game after it is done.
  4. Agreed. It was easier to pick out the high-end attributes (17-20) with the old scheme. Now the high and middle are just slightly different shades of green.
  5. Is it just me, or does it seem that every time one of my players is an instigator they get 2+5+10+ a game misconduct, whereas the AI only get 2+5+10? One of my players just got a four game suspension for his sixth game misconduct. He is set to allowed, not encouraged.
  6. Sorry, I don't have a PKM. I will try to remember to save one next time I see this.
  7. Not sure this is a bug, but more just a quirk of the AI. First, I'm not concerned with time remaining in the game, as it is becoming more common for a team to pull their goalie with more than two minutes remaining. I'm talking about the timing of the pulling of the goalie based upon possession and location of the puck on the ice. I've had several instances where a team will score a late goal to take the lead, and the AI will have the goalie pulled before the goal celebration is over. This is usually followed by losing the face-off at center and a quick empty net goal. Other quirks related to pulling the goalie that I have noticed are that the AI will never pull the goalie when down by two goals, and will never pull the goalie when shorthanded.
  8. In real life, placing a player on the 24-day IR does not remove his salary from the cap. It enables the team to exceed the cap by the difference of the injured player's salary and the remaining cap space. So if a team has $1.0 million of available cap space, and a player with a salary cap hit of $5.0 million is injured, the team can exceed the cap by $4.0 million. Conversely, if that same team had $6.0 million in available cap space, they would not receive any relief. I'm assuming coding this into the game, along with the associated roster movement shenanigans to maximise the benefit, is more trouble than it is worth. Also, is there a way to retroactively place a player on 24-day IR in the game? I had a player who was supposed to be out for "about two weeks" but only resumed light practice after four weeks and was another week before he was at 100%. So he spent almost five weeks on the 7-day IR.
  9. The NHL entry level contracts are not working properly as when sending players back to juniors they use the first year of their contract, even if they didn't play any regular season games. Had this happen with two players, both of whom were sent back after the exhibition season. Unfortunately, it took over a year of game play to realise what had happened so I don't have a save game or screenshots. Also had a player who refused to sign a three year entry level contract and would only sign for two years.
  10. Three of my RFAs became UFAs as "exclusive rights to (player) as an unsigned draft choice have expired because the player was not signed to a contract." The three players in question were all previously signed, and all three were given qualifying offers. As well, none of the three were drafted by my team, in fact it appears that they were not drafted by anyone. RFAs who have been drafted do not seem to be affected. Screenshots below.
  11. This was a regular season game and the assistant didn't make any roster changes. Not sure about pre-season as I coached those games myself.
  12. I receive a warning that my roster is incomplete before every game if I have more than two goalies on my roster. If I send the third goalie to the minors, I no longer receive the warning.
  13. Only four? Playing as Edmonton, I have eight in a row from November 4-11. Good to hear it's been sorted.
  14. I was finally able to send them on Oct. 4. The NHL roster has to be at 23 by Sept. 30. As the ECHL roster limits aren't supposed to take effect until Oct. 21, could this be a glitch?
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