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  1. Just one downer with these files. The club names are used as Fav Clubs, making it useless for me, as I've changed most club names to the correct names. (F.C. Barcelona: Futbol Club Barcelona; Manchester United: Manchester United Football Club etc.) Would have been excellent if the Fav Clubs was listed by their ID number. But nice work, though.
  2. All you can do is add the club as disliked by the chairman untill "board confidence" is added.
  3. Which should be released later today... Hopefully
  4. LOL. A few posts above this is asked and answered: Make sure that you have installed Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 Framework otherwise it will crash at startup if you have it installed make sure that you have the FMRTE executable in some folder with those files on it: Some folder - Languages (is a Folder with a file English.xml inside) if this folder is missing (or the file inside it) then a lot of BAD LANG FILE messages will appear - FMRTEvWPF.exe (the executable) - app.config - WPFToolkit.dll (if this file is missing..you will have a crash at startup)
  5. Arghh, why do you need Framework 3.5 SP1? I don't have high speed internet at the moment and I'm using my mobile phone to go online, so 73 MB download of SP1 is gonna be expensive.
  6. A simple little addition i would like to see. We have Most League Apps/Goals in Club Records. Why not an overall also for all comps. Most Apps All-Time All Comps Most Apps All-Time League Most Goals All-Time All Comps Most Goals All-Time League
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