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  1. how about Turks and Caicos, would anybody know how i would be able to play a game as them?
  2. The Allnighter Challenge

    Luton Town
  3. FM 2009 - Worst FM game?

    Neilio, if u can clearly read my first post it clearly states that i have clearly revised the new tactical framework through the revision of tactical guides, does it not?
  4. FM 2009 - Worst FM game?

    Arsenal - what i mean by the 424 as shown by ur graphics is that, in my game, the wingers are already within an advanced position say AMR/AML position and as soon as the opposition changes to the dresded 4-2-4 they change to FR/FL positions which leads to having 2 midfield players within the middle of the park. Obviously this tactic played against a team playing a four man midfield is never ever goin to come out on top due to be overpowered within the middle of the park, and it causes them to resort to long balls from the Defence straingth to Attack. Of course i can still see goals occurring from this if u are a high level team, but when ur playing against dross such as Gateshead in the BSN and they do this, gam upon game, and they end up beating you 2:1 it is totally ridiculous seeing as the players at these sort of quality teams will, usually, not be able to stump up this sort of quality passing. Do you see where i'm coming from now? i should have stated that i am generally an LLM type of manager and i have still seen this type of play.
  5. FM 2009 - Worst FM game?

    I also HATE how the opposition change to a totally unrealistic tactic such as 4-2-4 for the last 10 minutes and get a goal which causes u to draw/lose!! Clearly this sort of tactic is never used by the majority of teams in real life in any instance and even when it is, it is usually to the detrement of the team applying the tactic!!!
  6. I am an avid fan of the FM series, but i have to say that since purchasing this game on a dull November day i had high hopes of it keeping me inside and out of the winter weather, but i have quickly became disillusioned with the whole game. One major gripe for me is the tactical framework they now use within it. I commonly find that i am always unable to produce a tactic that really fits into a team, and thus result in highly inconsistent performances within any team. I have read the tactics bible but still no solution. This growing disillusion i now have over this game has now led me to reload FM2007 and start a game with an 08/09 update. I'm just wondering what other people think? Am i the only person who feels like this when they compare it to such brilliance of FM2007? Cheers N.B - I know there probably is another one of these threads somewhere but i really don't care about referencing it - surely if the moderators want an update database without thousand of threads, they should discard the threads from past years (i.e I found a thread about Cherno Samba from 2003 - surely the CM03/04 game)
  7. Matt's TTF Set

    Started a new game unemployed, just got a job in March 2009 at Eastleigh in BSS, lying 7 points away from a playoff place with nine games to go, hopefully utilising this tactic will reap beautiful rewards for the Eastleigh faithful! Up the Spitfires!!! luvsies xxxxpeterebdonxxxx
  8. Official Rate My Team FM08 Thread

    and am still in championship LOL
  9. Official Rate My Team FM08 Thread

    sorry forgot to mention, im still on version 8.0
  10. Official Rate My Team FM08 Thread

    Colchester United 2nd season (July 26th 2008) GK Jukko Lehtovaara DR Bela Balogh DC Gary Doherty DC Seyfo Soley DL Laszlo Sepsi MR Mark Yeates DM Ivan Campo DM Anderson Silva ML Johnnie Jackson FC Winston Parks FC Steven Maclean Subs: Dean Gerken Pat Baldwin John White Lauri Dalle Valla Alex Fernandes Anthony Grant Finbogason Danny Granville Robson-Kanu Need to make some more signings ....... can anyone suggest any? Johnie Jackson mite be on his way aswell cos te board have accepted a bid for him!