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  1. That is some unbelievable transfer dealings lol... 22 million in agents fees... :O I managed to pick Chelsea out of a hat for a network game myself and a mate are playing..Doing well atm but after 4 games Hazard got injured with a Broken Toe I think he is not far off coming back...I havent signed anybody yet as we turned off transfers for the first window..Got my eye on a few players but might wait till the end of the year. Will keep you updated
  2. This tactic has had mixed results with my liverpool game... but I will continue to push on... Having more success in Champions league than premier league..might have to sell some players
  3. I dont know how but I am through to the Quater Finals of the Champions League..I just beat Dortmund 7-0 on aggrigate Balotelli has 20 Goals and 18 Assists Markovic has 21 Goals
  4. Beat Juve 1-0 at home..Markovic scored the winner in the 90+3 minute lol Balotelli Has played awesome for me 16 goals 17 assists Markovic 19 goals Mignolet has conceded 33 goals and Kept 9 Clean sheets.. Sturridge is the one that has played crap for me..5 goals and 8 assists
  5. In my game Pogba has a broken leg and is out for 3 months, lucky im playing Juve in the First knockout Rounds of the Champ league...I have started to bring the season back on track..Sold Lambert as he was just not getting a game
  6. Well my league campaign has just jumped off a cliff lol....Only positive right now is that Markovic is top scorer in the league from the RW lol...I went from 2nd to like 7th in the space of 5 games..I hope i can turn it around
  7. Thanks for the advice...I did purchase Romero, his value jumps pretty quick lol...Usually in my first season I replace the Staff and in the Second season I start working on the Players...
  8. Who do you guys use/get to replace Gerrard? I just dont know what to do lol
  9. Balotelli is fine in my game, its sturridge who is playing poop for me..I do kiss Balotelli's but alot always praising him and stuff... with Sturridge i must be playing him wrong cause in 2 games he has kicked 11 goals for England lol
  10. Yeah same happened with me..Had him getting match fitness is the reserves and he plays for england and gets a broken arm...
  11. Did crap with this in Pre-Season but beat Arsenal 3-2 at home in my first game so im happy..looks promising
  12. Im actually using this tactic for FMC and its working great atm... Beat Chelsea 4-1 and Man City 4-1. I am using Liverpool
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