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  1. Yeah i get that, im just questioning which parts of said logo are actually intrinsic, as in, what parts of the logo can and can not be removed/changed. If we look at the first page you sent me, they use the red text against a white background http://puu.sh/rNJBs/2ccbf321f7.jpg In the second logo they use it against a black background. As such, it seems as if only the red text is actually the logo, the background isnt included. Hence you could theoretically remove the black background from the stats screen in game and just use the red text.
  2. Well, fair enough i guess. I mean im not majoring in design but i feel like you atleast could remove the black background behind the red text, it looks amateurish tbh.
  3. Well saves have always carried over in the past, would imagine its the same now
  4. Hopefully im allowed to give positive feedback. I really like the visual update in the 3d ME, look better, more fluid and more natural this year. I've also had the problem with my manager all of a sudden feeling like he wanted to be a skinhead, perhaps its a hidden feature after brexit happened.
  5. Looking good which makes me wonder why you had to wait so long to reveal it. It created a bunch of worry and negativity around the product.
  6. I'd love it if you could get a weekly report on how your players are performing at the major international tournaments (euros/world cup).
  7. As i said, a lot of QoL updates. The board now sometimes comes to me and ask if i want to invest money in x. I can say no, the club would be better of to invest in y,z,a or b. This wasn't possible before afaik. Lots of these small things that put together create a nice impression.
  8. For 15 quid? I'd say so. Lots of Quality of life updates. Havent noticed much about press conferences (dont do them) or injuries though.
  9. Doesnt this have to do with the condition % being low and lapses in concentration?
  10. I asked this about a week ago and got the answer that it would be impossible. How did you remove it from the other leagues? Chaning the dates to start in like year 2100 did nothing for me.
  11. Yeah, the problem is though that it can make it too easy to see exactly how good someone is. IRL its more diffuse. For example, nobody seems to know right now how good Mahrez, Vardy and Kante are. How much of their success this season was down to them playing in a well-oiled team and how much was it them being just brilliant individuals? In FM with the attributes you have it on paper which makes signings less risky.
  12. Have always really wanted this. Would be a proper hardmode and would elevate this game to an entirely new level for me. The "you start to know the players" argument still works imo. It is a problem. As you say however it can easily be circumvented by the measures you talked about or by simulating for some years etc. the "you start to know the players" argument is still the reason for why a never start a save without fake regens and simulating 5+ years though so it does hold some weight. Good idea, will have to try this one out. DAMN IT WORKS thanks i love you mate. You might just have saved some of my love for this game.
  13. Yes, i see no reason not to have it be an option to show all competitions though. Yes, i do however wish that i could get a nice complete overview of how a player has performed for me throughout the years by just clicking history. The screen currently looks very depressing for those fringe players that you start in cup games and only give sub-ons for league games.
  14. A players career stats under 'history' should not only show league games or it should atleast be filterable to show cup games aswell. It makes no sense currently and only reinforces the sad idea that league games are all that matters.
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