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  1. Yeah i get that, im just questioning which parts of said logo are actually intrinsic, as in, what parts of the logo can and can not be removed/changed. If we look at the first page you sent me, they use the red text against a white background http://puu.sh/rNJBs/2ccbf321f7.jpg In the second logo they use it against a black background. As such, it seems as if only the red text is actually the logo, the background isnt included. Hence you could theoretically remove the black background from the stats screen in game and just use the red text.
  2. Well, fair enough i guess. I mean im not majoring in design but i feel like you atleast could remove the black background behind the red text, it looks amateurish tbh.
  3. Well saves have always carried over in the past, would imagine its the same now
  4. Hopefully im allowed to give positive feedback. I really like the visual update in the 3d ME, look better, more fluid and more natural this year. I've also had the problem with my manager all of a sudden feeling like he wanted to be a skinhead, perhaps its a hidden feature after brexit happened.
  5. There is definitely some potential here but it is completely unplayable in its current state. Injuries render the game useless.
  6. If a player has peaked, should i put them on training another position? Atm i have a couple of 25-26 year olds who seem to be done growing and it would obviously help squad depth if i had more players that can play in multiple positions.
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