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  1. Yeah I've tried that. I'm going to reinstal it after I restart steam again.
  2. Reading stuff on twitter, seems ALOT of people are having that problemand probably trying to buy it ALL at the same time
  3. I did it IN game. There should be a store tab you select and it gives you the purchase option through that.
  4. Title explains it all, will be released tomorrow or at midnight?
  5. I'm selling a player to Sao Paulo, HOWEVER the offer date was originally made in September 2020 and i'm now in August 2021. I can't access any confirmation button and Romero's contract has expired, currently sitting in my reserves STILL getting 75K a week.
  6. The fact the game refers to The Netherlands as "Holland" is itself an issue isn't it? The country offically announced they were called The Netherlands this year.
  7. I'm not entierly sure if this is a bug or not. But there looks like there needs to be information in the purple box but there isn't anything there?
  8. found the thread, it'll be fixed for full release. Sorry you CAN change them as normal after pre-season.
  9. This is apparently a known issue, it only lasts until the end of pre-season and then you can't change them as normal. I think they said it would be fixed in a patch or something
  10. Ever time I leave the game and re-enter the resolusion changes from Windowed to full screen and the size of the text keeps changing from 95% too 100%.
  11. Virgil van Dijk isstill fit in game. Needs the knee injury
  12. Text just doesn't line up, like it's failed to load in correctly. All clickable links on news item work however
  13. I'm currently doing a Journey Man save and i've found my way from ENAD Polis in Cyprus second division to to Cliftonville in N.I. the year is 2021/22 amd having won the league and a couple cups and looking forward to competing in Europe, i'm awaiting the league fixtures and league toupdate....but it's 15 August 2021 and no update has happened? :/ Is there a league restructure that year I don't know about?
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