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  1. I tried to upload a save game and hopefully I succseeded . Thx for the reply Harry.
  2. Hi there. After 2 seasons playing FM Touch I discovered that these 2 clubs have been moving stadiums : Bournemouth has moved to Madejski Stadium and after 1 season in their new stadium Brentford have moved to Selhurst Park which I found a strange thing to do. Is this a bug ?
  3. Thx for the reply.Will try what you are suggesting.
  4. I bought FM Touch 2018 last year and have until recently played it without problems.In october I installed a new SSD disk and reinstalled Win 10 and the game still worked good until 28 november. When trying to start the game everything on the welcome screen looks good until the game start loading,then it not only shuts down the game but my laptop also shuts down completely. Ive updated my NVIDIA drivers, deleted and reinstalled both the game and the Steam app,but I doesnt make any difference. I run a game without any mods,kit- and facepacks etc. Anyone has any solution :-) ?
  5. Been hooked since 1995.Remember the first manual I had almost got torned to pieces when searching for the unlock codes.I also played some of the other manager games,but nothing came near to the CM/FM experience. Memorable moments : Taking Cambrigde all the way up to the Premiership using a 4-2-4 tactic.......leaving them stranded at the bottom when I took over West Ham,and the the Cambrigde board sent me the following message : "We think you`re a right *******".........so realistic it made me blush. Also remember Ibrahima Bakayoko....the best goalscorer ever.And the worst experience.........using all my transfer funds on Darren Anderton while managing Newcastle,only to have him injured 20 min. out in his debut..........and he was out for 18 months !!! Great fun
  6. Thx for the answer.Just have to continue to pester the board again !!
  7. At least a game that don`t take all your spare time.The last couple of years I`ve gradually lost interest because of all the tweaking and nitbits and instruction to ass mans and scouts (and the dreaded press conferences ),so Im very happy with this. Just 1 question if someone has a answer to if it`s normal or a bug : Im playing 1`st season with Bor.Monchengladbach in Germany and I also participate in CL. My transfer budget is £450.000 and Im able to renew my own squads contracts at the end of 2012,but when Im trying to offer a contract to a player outside my squad Im only able to offer him max £ 1000 :confused: !!!!! I`ve tried to tweak the transfer budget to give myself a bigger wage budget,but it didn`t help either.And of course the board is not willing to increase the budget either,even when the budget is in plus each month.I`ve never had so little money to give contracts with before so right now I feel like playing with Crawley,but with big club expectations !!!
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