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  1. https://www.svenskfotboll.se/serier-cuper/svenska-cupen/tavlingsinformation/ https://www.svenskfotboll.se/49b26b/globalassets/dokumentdokumentblock/tavling/svenska-cupen.pdf (Page 3)
  2. Summary: I've noticed that the "Youth Candidates" of my team, now appear to have joined the youth league system and is playing games. Description of the Issue: Games appear in the calendar for "AIK Youth Candidates" long after the youth intake game is played and the youth intake trialists are gone. I cannot view the team, none of the players exist, it just plays youth games against other, "real u19" teams. Steps to Reproduce: I don't know how to reproduce it. Some strange things seemed to happen when shifting around if i have control over training the u19 myself or not, but was a long time ago that the youth intake was. Here's the savefile on OneDrive, since it's too large to attach to the post. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlHNBFuK-fR6rih7WShB1b25SWEa?e=KHoxtB I used sortitoutsis real name fix; https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/50426/fm2020-licensing-and-real-name-fix-file-v01-for-fm20-beta-awaiting-release, the exact version being this one; https://mega.nz/file/sYMHFaxI#DABeLcZ_TbIqzBjYFdsPmMA0TYEfd98G3Mjn7BKU6KY I also attached the editor data that it contains. editor data.zip
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