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  1. I'd like to report that i also have these issues. The staff filter also has the following issue: Open the filterbox Switch to the advanced tab Close the filterbox (press ok) Open the filterbox again by clicking(or currently hovering) the "New/Edit Search" button The filterbox will open on the advanced tab. The Cogwheel dropdown (with "Manage Filters") will be disabled and the "Exclude" dropdown will be empty when opened. Both options will return to normal if you switch to the quick tab and back to advanced.
  2. The Compare player screen has an unecssary small max-height on the attribute-lists forcing you to scroll to see all attributes even on a large monitor. Windows 10. I'm playing windowed without windows scaling.
  3. When doing a staff search, adding a filter for "Preffered formation and trying to select "4 Defender Formations">"4-2-4 Wide" the selector will break and fallback to "5 Defender Formations". Selecting clicking and trying to select 4-2-4 Wide again will show it as "4-2-4- Wide" but re-opening the filter will show it as "5 Defender Formations" again. There might be other formations that have the same issue, but 4-2-4 Wide was the one i found. This issue also excists in FM17 https://streamable.com/i77dt
  4. The option auto_hide_match_bar is displayed as such rather than a nicer looker string
  5. The actual area where you get the "hover"-icon and you can actually click to resize is a few pixels off the visual box.
  6. Trying to move players on the "Select Favourite Formation"-popup when setting up a manager seems broken. Windows 10, Native resolution 3840 x 2160, Not touched any settings of the game yet.