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  1. Yes, Hassle Opponents switches to Man Marking and ups the Tempo. Before I got used to what each Shout does, I used to Pause the game after applying them and check the Tactics Screen / Player Instructions to see what changes were made. It allowed me to get to know better what each Shout does to the Tactic and to each Player's Instructions. The Push Higher Up, as suggested, is the best one in my opinion to increase each player's closing down slider, apart from 'Press More' in the Tactics Screen. But with 'Press More' and a Balanced / Counter, the midfielders / forwards still don't close down the 'Whole Pitch'. So, when using 'Press More' + the Push Higher Up Shout, you're increasing the closing down of all the Midfielders / Forwards to 'Whole Pitch' (not to the max though some of them and depending whether you have a Trequartista, where he will still be on Own Area), you're increasing the closing down of Defenders / Wing Backs slightly (still stays Own Half / Own Area, depending on Positions) and you're pushing the D-Line a bit further up (a bit lower than Normal or somewhere there). Thus, you're still a bit deep for when you have possession but slightly higher up when Defending to make pressure. It's basically the Barcelona style. Regarding Roles for Wing Back / Winger or Wing Back / IF, I don't think they should be both the same. Usually, what is suggested is this: WB (A) - IF or W (S) and WB (S) - IF or W (A). For example, in my save, I use Wing Backs literally not Full Backs .... that is their actual position is Wing Back (in line with DM to make it clear) and both are on Support. Then I have a Winger and an IF on Attack and a Complete Forward or DLF on Support. I agree with what was said above, the Complete Forward is an excellent role. I don't agree with Cyderman on one thing - the DLP. In my opinion, he should have Mixed Passing (close to Short) especially if you're using him as your main Playmaker, so that if he's a good reader of the game (like Allen for Liverpool or Gerrard), then apart from playing short Passing he can also try a direct ball / through ball if the opportunity arises within the game. One final thing .... since Balanced / Counter is Narrow, when sometimes I see that my team is struggling, I use the 'Play Wider' shout and it helps a lot as well, especially in finding spaces. Also, if I'm losing, I tend to change from Counter to Standard - if I see that we're still losing but playing well, I change to Control and if still we're losing, I give it one last shot with Attacking (but always Balanced). On many occasions, doing this I managed to at least draw the game.
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