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  1. When on the "tactics" screen, if you hover over a player and there position appears in a black box with white text, it doesn't go away, it stays on the screen until i click away from page or on a player etc.
  2. I always set my assistant to take control of friendlies, however after every season, when pre-season starts I have to change the responsibilities back to my assistant or it tries making me control the match.
  3. Are you talking to me here? If so.. he enquired about the editor so I answered him and as explained he's getting sacked by a bug which needs patching, would you manage a team or play the game if you were going to get sacked no matter what you did? I enjoy the game this way, I've played it with/without editor and I personally enjoy a few tweaks to help me along the way, sue me mate.. it's like chosing between pepsi and coke.. its personal choice and I ain't harming no one, it's a one player game.
  4. Enjoy it mate, it make's the game more enjoyable for me to tweak a thing or two along the way.. I will be honest, I've not played an honest game in FM since you could purchase this editor from steam/in game menu Any other questions about the editor fire away.
  5. When you buy the in-game editor, on your manager profile, use the in-game editor drop down and tick/select "become unsackable" With the editor you can pretty much do anything you want.
  6. With the editor you can become unsackable.
  7. I couldn't play this game without faces and logos... I updated my facepack a week or two after release and it honestly feel's like a new game, honestly wouldn't play the game without one.
  8. This happens to me!!! I've just got over it, hope this is an answer for this ps. Think it is possibly a bug though, maybe?
  9. I don't ever listen to them, I do what I think is best. If I ever have listened to them in the past I always got a negative reaction then kicked myself.
  10. I've noticed this a few times playing against teams with 60-70% fitness, it happens everytime I play in the club world championship (when I make it). I don't see this as a bug I see it as an advantage!
  11. Not so much in my game, since I started... Man Utd Man City Man City Man Utd Man Utd Liverpool Man Utd Tottenham Maybe it is Manchester that is OP! ha!
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