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  1. I also see a lot of "crossed goals" and maybe too many - BUT it also depends on the system you are playing. I for instance have a 5-3-2 and a 4-2-3-1 deep.. both defending heavily in the middle, so my opp. needs to attack the flank, and therefore ill concede more goals like that.. In my 5-3-2 the wing back offer width and will be crossing so I score a bunch like that. In my 4-2-3-1 deep.. i have a forward attack and an inside forward attack.. so my winger will get to cross a fair deal to them.. I dont disagree that there could be a problem, but you also have to look at how you make the ME act. I do miss the days where at good dribler (Robinho in his youth) would take the ball and make a fool of 2-3 defenders and then be alone with the keeper to tap it in.. I never see that anymore sadly - but is it realistic.. I really do like the ME this year but its far from perfect and it never will be perfect.
  2. It´s still happening - this time it was when goals were scored (2D), two times. Its not everytime, but enough to be very intrusive :/ no advice or possible solutions guys?
  3. My newest attempt is that I have changed my Anti Virus program, so Im now "just" running Windows defender win10 instead of Avast. FM2018 is actually running a bit smoother (still very sluggish!) and I haven`t encontered the flicker since - but lets see, I thought I had it solved before, just for it to return - my money is still on it being an Nvidia/FM2018 issue...
  4. I have just been through my BIOS and I´m not overclocked Since i made FM18 an exception in my av, it´s been vastly improved - and in an ingame season I haven´t encountered the issue with the noise/flicker on the screen once, and my CPU spikes are very rarely above the 40-50% marks now. Its seems to have made a vast difference!! (hopefully!) Still it feels a little sluggish when moveing between screens and now a couple of times in the 2D engine it lags a bit (Which it shouldn´t with the machine im running - but that is an entirely different issue which I see many have reported on this forum!) EDIT: It just happend again afterall never jinx yourself by saying all is good... Its weird its only in Football Manager 2018 it happens - but I didn´t notice my CPU usage spikeing this time.. hmm.. makes me think It might afterall be an issue with the NVIDIA card... any word on that?? Have seen people mention it in the Nvidia forum in relation to FM (No officiel answear from Nvidia). Still I feel its one of the best launches of FM I have experinced since the first titel back in 04-05? so goodish job there guys!
  5. My system Intel core i7-7700HQ CPU Qcore (2.80GHz) 16 GB Ram NVIDIA1050 ti (4GB) For most of the time FM runs okay.. I have a lot af delays and lags, but nothing serious (Just insanly anoying), but sometimes my CPU usages spikes to 80-90% and I get interference on my screen (flicker).. I have checked my joblist and its FM 2018 doing it. I only have Chrome running in the bg while playing. It only happens when playing FM and only inside the game.. I have tried deleting all graphics and even reinstalled both my Gcard and formatting my laptop. I even ran a 20 min test in Furmark to see if I had a graphics glitch, but all is fine - just not in FM. It seems when I browse the issue here and elsewhere that Nvidia cards and FM2018 isnt clicking very well - could this be the issue?? I am using anti virus and i have made FM2018 an exception - it has made a small difference in the CPU usage (from 13-15% standard to now 0,5-2% when not working/loading), but the insane spikes still persists. Otherwise love the game but it acts sluggish and have these spikes I cant seem to fix. Can u help or tell me if its a known issue?? attached a DxDiag - as it always seems to be the first step DxDiag FM2018.xml
  6. Hey fellas.. Figured it out had to negotiate it twice to be allowed to send my players on loan. (any of u able to send your players to your feeder clubs? Can`t/haven`t got the option anywhere to send any of my HSV players to my feeder club Düsseldorf (or others for that matter).)
  7. Found the solution - had to negotiate twice to be allowed to send my players on loan - it works fine (Since the update. I cant seem to send my players to my feeder/affiliated clubs? Anyone else experienced this? Btw: from a 1.bundesliga to a 2. bundesliga team.)
  8. I know KUBI.... BUT its been more then a month now and if u like me, are playing in the Bundes its a broken game - heck even if I started a save in the premiership I would consider it broken if the German players would`nt transfer clubs. It was`nt to raise the issue, but to at least try to get some news about an update because it is a big problem in the game - I know we are not allowed to ask "when is the update due" but this is silly, that they ship a broken game, and do not fix it asap. (I know there are more bugs then this and it takes times, but it is ridiculous we have to wait this long for a broken game to be fixed - and its the same every year!! I used to be this games biggest fan but its more of an annoynce right now)
  9. When can I sign German players again? I usually play in the bundesliga, but this year with FM 17, u introduced a version were German youngsters and older players wont leave their club at all (even if transfer listed for a year). Its been over a month now and still no fix? I know we arent allowed to ask for the updates, but its annoying as hell to be a paying beta-tester again
  10. Sry for my english Would it be possible to look at how "we" use the beta period/early access? I know Sigames have internal testers and trusted gamers who run the game and try to iron out big issues, but right know I dont think it`s enough. Some of the issues like not being able to get German players to sign (most of them) and not being able to offer contracts to staff in the Austrian league is quite gamebreaking when playing with those leagues. And there are more, but these 2 are my fav. big ones. Would or could it be possible to make an beta period longere (speaking in weeks here) and the in-game time several seasons? would`nt that be a better option to find all the major issues - and then have an "ironing-out" period of a months time to get the issues fixed, and then release the game? I dont know but I feel it should be considered, that there is a better way to get it in shape before it hits the shelves. Dont get me wrong - love the game, love the series but its the same every year with game issues.
  11. Both Masek, Abramov and Thore-Andreas Jacobsen are looking quite good atm. Abramov is my 3rd choice as striker and Masek is getting a fair share of games. Dont know if they are Tah level, but who is
  12. I´ll admit that it was more of a "I just want him" buy, and I didnt think it all the way through. But my plan is to somehow have room for two of VDV-Arnold and Hakan. Trying to tinker with my AML being a Avd. Playmaker spot + one of my MC a Avd. play. or Att. mid. So hopefylly i´ll get the best out of em. * Just had a game where we tried this and we created 7 ccc - might be luck, or might be that it could prove to be a masterplan Just snapped up Rode in the January window - had to let Zoua go to finance it. He didnt play a part anyway. anyhow - we are currently holding on a spot in the top of the league. Alan and Beister have been great, scoring for fun at times. Sadly as I write this Beister was injuried for a month Im actually trying to sell of Badelj. He`s don okay and he is a fine player, but some stats are not pleasing. So im trying to get a fair price of him - if not he will still have a part to play.
  13. My aim is also the 3rd place finish and it isnt as far away as one might think. The squad is strong IF it stays clear of long term injuries. Rode is also one I hope to bring in, now Bayern took Herrmann and Jung.
  14. Its sad to see this tread is not more active. I just started a new game with HSV - my fav. team to manage in FM in recent years. Got rid of Mancienne, Illicevic, Jiracek and Rincon + Djourou and Lassogga. It gave me some room with wages and a small amount in transfers. I also asked the board for extra TF, and they gave me 12 mil. Euros to play with. (Asked 1-2 weeks into my contract). Bought in Alan as mentioned earlier + Maxi Arnold from Wolfsburg. Still have some room in wages to get a player or two in on free come January. I have played the first 5-6 games and its gone okay, but we are still trying to find the right tactic to go with. prefered line-up at the moment is: GK- Adler DR- Diekmeier DL- Jansen DC- Tah DC- Westermann DMC- Badelj MC- VDV MC- Arslan AMR- Beister AML- Arnold SC- Alan So far we are through to 2nd round in the cup, an we have 4 wins and a draw in the league - so im pleased all in all, but we need to settle on a firm tactic so I dont tinker to much
  15. Hey guys just started a game with QPR. Was wondering if any of u have used Austin as a lone striker and in what role - by the looks of him he fits as a Poacher or TM, but I play an 4-1-2-2-1 formation and so far Im not getting the best out of him.
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