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  1. Every game since the Winther update, get 7+ CCC a game ... I know its just a stat, but its annoying as hell because it is NOT CCC I see in the match when playing.
  2. Its a shame - I just last week told myself that this years version "out of the bag" was the most enjoyed version for a few years, and sadly since the update its just bad with the ratings - think i´m gonna shelve it until the March update to be sure it wont change again - just hope it reverts to a game thats enjoyable.
  3. I also see a lot of "crossed goals" and maybe too many - BUT it also depends on the system you are playing. I for instance have a 5-3-2 and a 4-2-3-1 deep.. both defending heavily in the middle, so my opp. needs to attack the flank, and therefore ill concede more goals like that.. In my 5-3-2 the wing back offer width and will be crossing so I score a bunch like that. In my 4-2-3-1 deep.. i have a forward attack and an inside forward attack.. so my winger will get to cross a fair deal to them.. I dont disagree that there could be a problem, but you also have to look at how you make the ME act.
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