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  1. Any changes to international management that aren't obvious from loading up? e.g. familiarity on tactics or rest/managing player condition better? Other improvements or features?
  2. Yeah echo this, don't understand the need to remove a simple feature like this. It's the only way I play these days and is much more realistic in my opinion - you have an overall feel for a player rather than oh this player is a better dribbler cos he has a 18 vs17... Please SI turn it back on!
  3. Looks promising Things I find useful but are rare on skins - personality and media handling shown on player overview panel (both are needed to understand all important professionalism and other hidden attribs) - ability to see and alter individual training directly from a panel on the player overview screen
  4. Thanks for reply to my tactic question - sorry for not acknowledging sooner!
  5. Agree that your FM17 skin for touch was awesome and so far ahead of anything else out there
  6. Any chance you can refresh the link or post a screenie of PIs and TIs? Interested in your approach - haven't done a 442 on FM17 yet
  7. Great idea for a save and truly astounding progress! You seem to have it nailed, can you explain how you go about unsettling and buying players in FM17. You mention using the "top target", getting players to butter him up etc Can you outline the typically sequence of steps?
  8. Forgot to look at team of the year, gonna try do that after every couple seasons Here was the crew for season 2... I think the big error is that Ciantar is not accomplished at STC so doesn't show up even tho his average rating and goals far exceed Friggieri
  9. Thanks lads. Don't quite feel we are dominant in Malta but probably not too far off that either. Figure I need £2m+ in the bank to go pro, feel a ways off right now! (We have almost £800k)
  10. Season 3 - 2018/2019 Good times here in Malta. Really getting into things now, especially with tactic settled. League The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the league changed after year one from 12 teams and 3x11=33 games to 14 teams and 2x13=26 games which actually suits this save perfectly. We retained the tile but it was pretty close!!! We lost our penultimate game meaning we had to better their result on the final day. Phew! Bonus we rubbed it in winning the cup final against them too Europe Much less interesting that last time. Made it thru the first round of qualifying then tough draw against Ludogorets saw us lose both ties. Good news (is it?) that from next season the Maltese champions join the competition from the 2nd round of qualifying Squad performance Less goals all round pretty much but still a solid year. Our top two prospects from last season (Vella 18-A, Zammit 18-B) get into the team and show they're not out of their depth. Vella has also been nicely tutored away from his Temperamental personality Progress Tracker Another coaching upgrade approved and the league rep is progressing nicely as can be seen from the 50-60% rise in TV money
  11. Intake Season 2 - Feb/Mar 2018 . Very happy with this for my squad. All my FBs are old so the position is a definite need, plus same for MC, especially an allrounder type. Less sure about Zerafa but perhaps I'll try make him a DLF striker. Vella will be 18-A and Zammit 18-B of course
  12. Haha, yeah that was a little crazy. The drop off from 1st team to youth/reserves is pretty steep apparently!! I change all my skins like this 1) Highest attribute being green then blue -> orange -> red 2) Make accomplished in a position show blue instead of just lighter green
  13. Season 2 - 2017/2018 Towards the end of the first season things didn't quite feel like they were clicking and I saw a people having success with narrower formations (@BoxToBox notably) with multiple strikers. The switch to a 433 (literally 3 up top) brought immediate dividends and is being adopted moving forward. League Wow that was an unexpected impact. Credit to the tactic change inspired by the community and our first of (hopefully) many titles and tickets into the Champion League Europe Yeah, I was as stunned as you are probably... A nice boost to get the finances rolling (the youth team nearly mucked it but in the 2nd round tho ) Squad performance Lots of goals from the front 3 and stellar ratings from the FBs Progress Tracker First coaching upgrade approved and expect to see the league get a bump next year after our European exploits
  14. Intake Season 1 - Feb/Mar 2017 . Well I guess given my squad makeup, quality over quantity is probably not bad. Can't see anyone except Micallef making the grade. (Not in the pic but he is designated "17-A")Nice attribute spread and also a good spot given our best DC is in his mid 30s
  15. So what's the plan? Just a few quick notes on my priorities for this stage of the save. Pretty simply really Pray for unexpectedly good youth intakes Find a solid tactic and try to regularly qualify for Europe, ideally of course the Champions League qualifiers Upgrade junior coaching as fast as possible (raise CA of intakes) Start to improve personality of squad overall and especially key youths we get Save all our cash to enable us to turn Pro as soon as possible Start to invest in facilities once we are Pro Turning Pro is really the big first milestone as it allows us to scout further afield, and hence attract better staff, train full time to speed development, offer longer contracts to retain players, etc.
  16. Season 1 - 2016/2017 Gonna keep these short, as this is obviously a long term challenge and the aim is to get through many seasons to develop the club and hence the quality of youth. Will have a separate post on intake day every season and probably do 5 year reviews also for key players and their progress League Never now quite what to expect in year 1 but very happy to exceed expectations and give us a shot at European cash as early as season 2! Squad performance Ciantar was someone we recalled from loan so very happy with that. Overall pretty well rounded bunch which is fortunate for this kind of save Progress Tracker
  17. Inspired by many great posters on here (nod to @Jimbokav1971, @BoxToBox, @Jupjamie, etc) and something I've tried on previous versions... Join me for a youth challenge on the sunny shores of Malta. Taking over a team with rich history but one that hasn't won the title since 2004/2005. Dom Mintoff is the new manager of Here is how the club shapes up on Day 1, no big surprises. We are of course semi-Pro. I can't remember but I think I bumped up the Youth Recruitment a notch in the pre-game editor knowing the issues with it on FM17 to date. And here is the squad, not terrible and as usual a few guys on loan who should be playing for us (and will be recalled!) Aims and rules Win the league Make enough money via Europe to turn Pro Qualify for European group stages Upgrade facilities Progress to European knockout stages Win European competition! I will rely (almost entirely) on players from the academy with the following exceptions Allowed to sign anyone to act as a tutor but they cannot play competitive fixtures Allowed to bring back anyone produced by our academy to play for us If I decide its necessary, will be permitted 1 signing per season to help us progress (so I don't get fed up when I don't get a GK for 100 years ) Caveat on the signings is that I will not be allowed to manually scout regen lists or clubs lists, the players must come from known players my scouts find as I build out my knowledge and have regular assignments (mainly for the purposes of enlarging my staff and tutor pool) Onwards and Upwards!!
  18. Has the way tutoring is implemented be changed at all - here's hoping Pity we still are unable to view anything beyond the basic stats for players in squad views (eg NO interceptions, header % etc). If its the same ME why are these available?
  19. Weird as many people seem to being saying it's hard to sign players. Playing as Salford I'm literally able to assemble a whole squad of league 2 level players with potential beyond that. Will see how it goes as the save progresses, hopefully something is not borked (I'm can basically sleepwalk to League 2 for now)
  20. Like some of the small tweaks like staff shortlist and filters. Sad to see there is no change to tutoring for FMC/FMT - still the same random, have no control, detrimental "feature"
  21. Sad to see there is no change to tutoring for FMC/FMT - still the same random, have no control, detrimental "feature"
  22. Is there a way to select all/multiple players from a shortlist or search without tapping each one individually? This is the first UI issue I've encountered so far in what is otherwise a good experience
  23. Having played a flat 451 a lot I've found that it really helps having ppms like "gets in to opp area" or "gets forward" to avoid isolating your Striker
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