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  1. Another amazing thread - always so inspiring. Can you give us a snapshot of your mentoring groups and summarize your approach, I really find it hard to move the needle on players other than by the odd point here and there even over several years
  2. So frustrating I’m sure! I'm a fanatical oversaver as a result of these things happening
  3. Seems like you haven’t had any real issue with the mandatory release clauses in Brazil that are also limited in maximum value. I got frustrated with a youth game because of that with all my players being poached...
  4. Watching with interest as always! I don’t seem to have had as much trouble creating free scoring teams but that could be partly due to use heavy pressing a lot which is OP.
  5. Can’t believe it’s over, what a legend you are Ben.
  6. Would appreciate your insight into how you construct the groups. Large vs small? Mix of senior players vs those needing mentoring. Impact of social group, age, position etc. I know you think about this deeply so I’m sure you have good insights!
  7. Epic and inspiring as always Ben. Congrats on the title win - in awe of your staying power to build up and keep at it! any lessons you can share from what works and doesn’t work as far as mentoring goes? I am finding it really hit and miss and makes me hesitant to buy youth with poor personalities...
  8. Any changes to international management that aren't obvious from loading up? e.g. familiarity on tactics or rest/managing player condition better? Other improvements or features?
  9. Yeah echo this, don't understand the need to remove a simple feature like this. It's the only way I play these days and is much more realistic in my opinion - you have an overall feel for a player rather than oh this player is a better dribbler cos he has a 18 vs17... Please SI turn it back on!
  10. Looks promising Things I find useful but are rare on skins - personality and media handling shown on player overview panel (both are needed to understand all important professionalism and other hidden attribs) - ability to see and alter individual training directly from a panel on the player overview screen
  11. Thanks for reply to my tactic question - sorry for not acknowledging sooner!
  12. Agree that your FM17 skin for touch was awesome and so far ahead of anything else out there
  13. Any chance you can refresh the link or post a screenie of PIs and TIs? Interested in your approach - haven't done a 442 on FM17 yet
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