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  1. paok_revolution

    New Laptop/PC (Part 2)

    I have find two laptops with the same CPU (i7 8550u) and RAM (8G), but with different GPU (MX150 and GTX 1050). The difference in price is about 120 euros. It is worth to go with GTX 1050? The only game i play in laptop is FM
  2. paok_revolution

    [Greece] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Yes, please release a hotfix. I haven't play FM19 since the release of the game. Please fix it
  3. paok_revolution

    [FM18][SKIN] Football Manager 2018 Base Skins

    I have problem with blur.Previous years i downloaded the base skins making the changes in xml, but this year the issue continues. A can see blur before the game starts, at the beggining titles. My graphic card is nvidia 745m. CPU is 7400m
  4. The calendar is blurry too Neil
  5. paok_revolution

    Official Winter Transfer Update

    Today the transfer window of China will close.So we wait for the winter update of FM
  6. No.There are different version of the game
  7. Ηas the game been updated to 17.1.1? I still playing the 17.1 version
  8. the bug of the search for staff is fixed?
  9. Few changes in M.E. unfortunatly
  10. The same thing and maybe worse