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  1. Who the accepts a contract with Swansea (just relegated) for £20.5k a week with £2.1k appearance fee. You couldnt make this up. Needs sorting big time.
  2. Just had that with a young lad i have been giving a few starts and sub appearances too. Contract is running out, is on £25k a week and wants £45k plus a £30k appearance fee for rotation, i offer £40k and £15k appearance fee . . . rejected. (hot prospect) I then change the rotation and he wants £84k a week!
  3. Just gone to Arsenal who finished 8th for £195k a week, £19,750 appearance fee, team of the year bonus £775k, seasonal landmark goal bonus (10 goals) £2m I offered £300k a week, £20k appearance fee, Team of the year bonus £1.5m and landmark bonus (15 goals) £3m
  4. Another case ... I wanted a 30 year old Tom Ince as a rotation player for my right wing. He was on £75k but wanted £140k in the contract aswell as a £17.5k appearance fee. I was offering no more than £115k with £15k appearance fee, cant quite remember the agent fees etc but the talks came to nothing. He has just signed for West Ham for £60k a week with a £6k appearance fee, they are newly promoted and i am Man United, have just finished 2nd, won the Euro Cup and i am one of his favoured personnel after being his manager for 8 seasons before moving last season.
  5. Its the whole conract negotiation process. Its rediculous. Player on £74k a week, transfer listed by request. Wants £375k a week, £40k appearance fee, £18.5m signing on fee and £8.5m for agent . . . was a £45m bid. Im getting players rejecting a move to Man Utd from a team just about avoiding relegation, the are on £40k some of them and they are jejecting £100k-£120k because they want £160k . . . its getting beyond a joke. I just played my last season with 4 recognised centre midfielders (i play 3 each game)
  6. Just had a bid of £51m accepted for a player on £74k a week. Wants £375k a week, plus a £40k appearance fee. On top of that a £13m signing on bonus for the player and £8.5m for the agent. Transfer fees i can understand if a club doesnt want and doesnt have to sell . . . but contract negotiations are making this game very un-enjoyable.
  7. Atm its about £1m but i am spending about £750k . . . make a £2m loss every month.
  8. Its not the 4,000 i want, i want to be selling out so that i can expand stadium etc. Being in the top 5 clubs is surely enough to get the punters in, Wolves have averaged over 25k in the Championship. I have to sell players every year to keep in good financial position. Sold my best defender to Chelsea for £38m, year before that my left back to Chelsea for £22m but i had to ask the board for more percentage of revenue and they increased it to 45%!!!
  9. Im playing as Wolves (i know who would want to pay to watch them) Im in 2020 now, last season finished 5th after being in the top 4 for most of the season but having a really hard run in last few games pushed me out. Started this season played 5, won 5, scored 9 conceded 0 . . . have some of the best players on the game and have a transfer bugdet of £45m (which i didnt spend) . . . just played my first Euro Cup group game against Sporting and get an attendance of 20k? Stadium holds about 30k but i never sell out, my average is about 26k. How can i improve this Or do i have no chance? Its limiting my spending power as i make a loss every month due to revenue hence why i didnt spend my transfer budget.
  10. Thats not the only example though. In real life money talks . . . He turned down 16k a week extra to play for a similar side. It has been like this in the last few FM but this season seems to be rediculous. I seem to be the only team in for Zaha yet he wants £80k a week, i get what you mean about not wanting to move and holding out for another team but that is just rediculous as he is has just spent another season in the Championship on £7k a week. Start of the season i tried to sign Matthew Briggs who is on £4.1k a week . . . i offered him something in the region of £20k with it rising etc, instead he chose to go to league 1 Sheffield Utd on loan.
  11. Impossible to sign players! (well almost) Case in point . . . Just tried signing Adam Le Fondre, get to offering a contact screen, he is currently on £8k a week, wants me to give him £45k a week with salary increase to £60k a week upon one international appearance. Tried to negotiate starting at £25k a week going up to £40k . . . finally made an offer of £40k going up to £50k with 1.5m signing bonus for both player and agent and made it non negotiable . . . REJECTED. He signs for Stoke instead for £24k a week!!!!!!
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