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  1. The thing is, 90% of them are given away at corners or long throws into the box so would the d-line have anything to do with it? I think Daniel has it right with concentration as apart from Andy Robertson, their concentration stat are all "12". Any advice on how I can reduce the chance of it happening? I'm thinking to take away get stuck in, urgent pressing and tight marking around 75/80 mins? Hopefully we'd then focus more on holding a shape late on rather than going chasing after the ball and making reckless decisions.
  2. Played 16 games this season. Conceded 6 penalties already this season.
  3. Having a couple of issues that I can't seem to rectify. In the 3 seasons I've had, I've given away about 8 penalties in injury time all given by VAR and most are for pushes in the box. I'm telling my players to get stuck in so i expect to commit more fouls than normal but pushing in the back isn't getting stuck in, that's just being stupid. Why are my defenders doing it? I''ve got Harry Maguire and Rudiger at CB, and Andy Robertson and Thomas Munier as full backs so all solid defenders IRL and yet they're defending like ***** when it comes to injury time. What can I do to stop this? Is it the get stuck in instruction? I can count on 1 hand how many penalties I've been awarded on this save yet we give them away all the time. Also, holding onto leads. There's been a few times when I've gone 2-0 up in a games then begin to struggle, players start making silly decisions which result in goals, then once we've conceded 1, it normally means come injury time we'll concede and it's always worldies. Player gets ball out wide, skips past my players and sticks 1 in from 25 yards. What changes do you make to see out a result? I'm always wary of going too defensive as I feel like that will invite pressure on and we won't cope. Any advice appreciated.
  4. How do you approach your 2nd and 3rd tactics? Do you train 3 completely different tactics? Just started a game with West Ham, sorted out my main tactic and now I'm about to sort out the other 2, in 1 of them I'm thinking of keeping the formation the same but changing roles/duties and in the other training a completely different one but just interested to see how others approach it.
  5. This has brought up thousands of times over the years, SI have categorically stated that it will not be put in the game.
  6. Appreciate all the comments. This is where I'm struggling, at the start of the season, it was all working, CF was everywhere, creating and finishing chances, he got 6 goals and 3 assists in 7 games, in the 13 since, he's got 3 goals and 1 assist. The IF created space for the FB to get wide, who crossed in and there was the CF, the AML and even the BWM in there was well, if a cross was headed clear, my DM was there to pick up the loose ball and then release it to my AP and we went again. But now we just seem to be playing in front of a wall that we can't break down, we then pass the ball around for 3 or 4 passes and then it ends in a wild shot from the edge of the box which goes miles wide. I've thought about going retain possession so when the ball does get to the edge of the box they might try to look for a pass but I fear that as we're playing in front on a solid team, retain possession is just going to see the problem compounded. Like I said, I'm just not sure how to go about changing things up without going for a complete tactic change. You said "If you aren't going to give him runners and attack space quickly whilst its there then maybe you need him to be more patient to wait for a better opportunity?" What roles/duties would give him runners? cos that is a problem, we're so static, I've tried passing into space and roam from positions instruction but when we get the ball, players don't move for the man on the ball. The worst thing is, I can see the space, yet they just stick to their position and the man on the ball can't do anything with it.
  7. Once the AI has sussed your tactic out, how do you lot go about countering back? My current Leeds save, in my 2nd season, started the season off in blistering form, 14 goals from 4 games, creating chance after chance, good ratio of shots to shots on target, always looking likely to score. After a few games the AI obviously changed the way it sets up against me and then the slump happened, wins started turning into score draws, then score draws turned into narrow defeats and now I'm at a loss as to what I should be changing. I'd like to say that the problem is clear, the AI are setting up more defensively against me, not giving me any space to hurt them, but how do you create space and then attack it? I've set up with a 4-1-2-2-1, GK FB (A) CB (D) CB (D) FB (D) DM (D) AP (A) BWM (S) IF (S) W (S) CF (A) When it was all going well I was playing on control and fluid, only instructions were to pass shorter, I set up PI'S for all to shoot less often. My thinking behind this is IF will drift inside, which creates space for the RB to overlap, as the RB will be pushing on, I wanted the LB to sit with the back line. I was surprised the DM worked well with a BWM as both naturally go looking for the ball but like I said, it all started out so well. The AP was on attack to supplement the attack and give us an extra option in the final 3rd. So what do you guys think? Is it just a case of tweaking a few roles and instructions or do I need to set up a completely different tactic?
  8. Just a couple of things I think would be a good addition. 1- Being able to set up basic disciplinary rules at a club. Just had a couple of arguments with players because I've fined them after red cards. They both got 2 yellows and my policy is that 2 yellows and a red is 1 weeks fine and a straight red is a 2 week fine. Both players have argued it, I've said that it's standard practice and they've complained that they shouldn't be fined the same for people who do worse. Be a good idea to be able to tell the squad what the rules are. If you then fine them 2 weeks wages for 2 yellows they have a reason to moan. 2- A wage structure. Although you can do this currently, it would make it a lot easier if you could set the max wage for each role within a squad, so if you wanted a max wage for a key player to be 100k, you can set it at that and when you offer more than 100k, it will say something like "The wage offered is more than the max amount set for this role" You then have the choice to either cancel the increase, go ahead with the increase just for that deal or to increase the max value of the whole role. At the moment, I write down my max wages on paper but it's a pain keep going back to it for reference.
  9. Looking for advice for some issues I'm noticing on my game. 1- Countless times when the opposition GK has kicked a long ball upfield, both my CB's and my Anchor man are all drawn towards the ball to compete for the header, a lot of the time 1 of them thankfully wins it but a few times they haven't and it's left an opposition striker with acres of space. Is this because I have both my CB's on the same roles and instructions? Or would setting them to man marking stop this? 2- From an opposition corner, my defenders clear the ball with a header, I always have a man on the edge of box, if he wins his header, the ball goes towards the halfway line,near enough every time, my striker will head in the opposite direction and allows them to take control of the ball and they start another attack, how can I change that? 3- I remember reading a few years ago that if there was something in your tactic that isn't working properly, one of the ways the Match Engine would relay this was that your strikers would miss sitters, was that true? If so, is it still true to this day? I seem to be having a lot of chances from 5 or 6 yards out that opposition keepers just keep saving. 4- Not an issue, just after advice. How important are team instructions? Could you just set your match strategy, player roles and team shape. I keep seeing that team instructions merely help "refine" how you want your team to play, so could you then not use them and focus more on player roles and then selecting roles and strategy for each game?
  10. Nothing major but noticed a few times on cup draws that at times, the teams get switched around. I watched the Europa League Draw, can't remember the teams involved but team A got drawn out as the home team, then when they Drew Team B, Team B became the home team even though they were drawn out 2nd. Just had it on my Arsenal save too, FA Cup semi final draw, I was drawn out the hat 1st, Man C got drawn out 2nd yet it pushed me over to the spot which should have been where Man C were. Any ideas?
  11. Can there be an option to talk to players about promises? I promised a player that I would loan him out to get him 1st team football because I couldn't start him, as his natural position of an AM, was 1 that I didn't operate with. Although he could play on the RW or in CM, he was no where near as good as the players I had in them positions so he became a squad player and was getting unhappy with the lack of football. After a few weeks of rejecting bids from teams at a level I didn't think he'd benefit from, I decided that I'd opt for a new formation, that change meant that I was now going to be playing with an AM and thus, the player in question, as my best option in that role, would now be starting most games and playing week in week out. Anyway, I've only played 1 game with him and 3 days after that game, I got a news feed saying he was unhappy about my promise of loaning him out not being kept, got the hump and his morale has dropped, once I said in the press that I was going to "appease the situation with a solution to suit everyone", it came through in the news that after seeing that, he was "expecting to start more games". Can't there be a feature where I can go to the player or his agent and say, "look, I know I promised to loan you out to get more football but the situation has changed here and you're going to be a regular feature in my team" The player can then decide if he wants to go out on loan or to stay, if he stays, the promise changes to "expecting to play more games" and the time limit to fulfill the promise resets back to the start.
  12. Stick it out. You'll win it eventually. My last game on FM16 was a career game, started at Burton, went to Palace, Wolfsburg, Bayern, Madrid. After winning the Champions League with Bayern, I moved onto Madrid, I won La Liga 3 times in my time there, but couldn't crack the Champions League, I lost in the semi final 2 years running, then in my last season, we got to the Champions League final,, in what was to be my last ever game before starting with FM17, fate had pitted me against my old side Bayern. We lost. That could happen to you, imagine if you left for Madrid and then lost to Man U in the CL final!
  13. Yeah Sprenger is the link I want to improve on when I get some money in, attached are the only 2 players I have that can play CM, there's a few others but they're really poor as they've come through my youth academy which is still pretty average. I think I'll send my scouts out now to find a top quality DM, then I can push Vergez up into the middle to replace Sprenger. I've played 2 games with Cretnik as an AP on Attack , Mauricio as an AF. Beat Everton 4-3 away and Arsenal 1-0 away in the EFL cup so straight away there's an improvement in the threat we're posing, defensively we've been pretty solid, barring Everton away obviously. I'm hoping it's just the lack of quality throughout the team that is my main issue rather than poor tactical set up.
  14. Thank you both for the replies. Ah it's shorter passing, I was playing more direct but as I kept giving away possession I changed it to shorter. I did identify the CM position as an area I needed to improve but other positions had to take priority and I ran out of money. I did think having both CM's on support would create issues, what would you suggest, maybe an AP on attack, a B2B and an anchor man or DM? I'll put my left winger as an IF, he seems to have the attributes to play that role well. With the changes, would you say keep the ST as a CF or switch his role up a bit too?
  15. Been managing Bath for 16 seasons, I've managed to get them into the Premier League, got relegated in my 1st season bounced back, finished 7th, then 9th. Just started the next season and I've started well results wise, However, the performances have been pretty poor, and just want some advice on my tactics and how any of you's would set the team up. The main concerns at the moment is that my striker has only been averaging about 6.5 rating, the same as my wingers and 2 CM's, the back 5 seem to be doing ok but the middle not paying well keeps putting me under pressure and if we do break, the wingers get the ball yet can't seem to beat their man and then lose the ball and we get another wave of attack coming back at us. I know sitting slightly deeper means that the front line haven't got too much support when we do win the ball but I've tried a higher line and each time I just get caught with a ball over the top. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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