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  1. Is it possible to be successful with a premier league team if starting out with Sunday League Footballer as your playing experience? It seems players have zero respect when starting out, and in games, they can't even do the most basic of footballing things (Although that's pretty true to life considering I'm West Ham)Most of the team talks are "most of the players seem uninterested in what you have to say" body language is "uninterested". I know winning games is the main way of getting their respect but we lose such bad games that it seems impossible and even if we win a game it says "most of the players seem uninterested in listening to you despite the overall good atmosphere" I'm no FM tactic expert so I need all the help I can get and if that means having to restart and set the experience higher, I will.
  2. I've just started a save with West Ham. I'm thinking of an adaptive version of the 3-5-2, which basically plays as a 5-2-1-2. Fabianski (G-S) Ogbonna (BPD-D) Rice (Libero- S) Balbuena/Diop (CD) Fredericks (WBs) Cresswell (WBs) Noble (BWM) Fornals (B2B) Anderson (SS) Ajeti (PF=S) Haller (TM-A) Haven't tried any games with it yet and there's certainly areas that I'm unsure of but I've always struggled with 1 up top so thought I'd try something new. I'm hoping having Rice at the back on Libero will give me an extra body at the back when defending but an extra man in the middle when on the ball, he's also pretty good when on the ball so when he does step into midfield, he has the ability to open up a defence. Another reason for Rice being at the back was to allow to me to play both Fornals and Anderson. I'd rather Fornals be further up the pitch but Anderson can only play there or on the wing which would mean I have to drop 1 of them which I didn't want to do so. I'm hoping that he can push up and find some spaces created by any movement from the front 3 but also get back to be a body when defending, he does lack work rate though so he could be an issue but we'll see how it pans out. I've got Nobes on a BWM role at the moment but I may change this to a CM (D) so he just sits in the middle while Fornals bombs on, I've never used the Libero so interested to see if Rice will stick around in the middle while Fornals gets back or whether he'll just drop to his position, if he sticks around I might keep Noble on the BWM. The plan of the front 3 is simple. Haller as the target man to win headers, for Anderson (who should push up ahead of him) and AjetI. If he doesn't win the header, then Ajeti as a Pressing Forward and PI's to Anderson and Haller to press more should see them press the opposition. Haven't got any TI's yet, want to play a few games with it and see how it goes then go from there. No doubt I'll get 5 games in to the season, get pumped in each game and give up
  3. What's the best sites out there for reading up on real life tactics? I want to try and recreate the Arsenel imvimcibles set up but can't find any thing im depth about it. Just wondering if there's a site out there that does go deeper into tactics.
  4. I don't expect to get us into Europe straight away, my main bit of fun when playing FM is the infrastructure of the club, getting finances sorted, building up the facilities and slowly growing a club, that's my enjoyment. I didn't expect to get into Europe in my 1st season, that was an over achievement. My issue has been a constant in most of my games played not just on FM19 but probably 17 and 18 too, I think 16 was the last successful game I had. On the whole, I can take charge of whichever club I choose and in the 1st season can perform pretty well, I get to the summer and I sign better players for the tactic I use but as I've had a good season, teams see me as a more dangerous proposition and then set up differently against me, performances slowly drop, results go against me then I chop and change so much trying to figure it out that I just get lost in a mess of tactics and compound the issue. As I said at the top, the tactic was working well, we was playing great football in the 1st season. I had 3 tactics being trained but the main tactic worked so well home and away that I didn't really need to change. 2nd season it was just the away form that was suspect, I tried tinkering a bit but after winning away on day 1, we've gone 11 games on the road without a win in the league, we've now stopped looking dangerous and instead we always look like we're going to concede. I've tried various things to try and change it but nothing seems to be working and obviously the more I chop and change, the deeper into a rut I'm getting. If I sit higher up pitch we get done over the top so I drop the line but then when we win the ball, we're too far deep yet I'masking them to play out from back and shorter passing so we play into trouble, so i tried longer passing but then we were hitting long balls over the top but my striker wouldn't even attempt to challenge for it or it would just be pumped out and collected by their CB. So I went normal line, and tried again to no avail. So after a few changes the whole idea of how I wanted to play has gone and I'm now at a point where I'm just making changes to try to deal with the issues coming at me, but then, by trying to adjust for the opposition, I've gone away from my style I want and I don't know how to instruct them to play because I don't have an idea myself.
  5. I gave up with it. I think I'm done with FM. It used to be fun, it's become so complex over the years and I just want to plug in and play, I really haven't got the time to sit and work things out and then when things go wrong sit there, watch the games to find out what the issue is and rectify it. I've tried the touch version of FM but even though that is more plug and play, it just doesn't feel right for me.
  6. Getting thumped still. This game is a complete joke at times. Issues arising now are: 1- Players are not closing down, if we attempt a long cross field pass, the opposition are on it in a shot, my players sprint towards it, get to within 5 yards then decided "nah can't be arsed" and stand off. When we do close down, we put no pressure on ball, it's more chase the ball, get close, stand them up. Problem is, 2 players run towards ball, opposition just flick it round them to a player in space. 2- Players are not tackling, opposition players will pick the ball up and will just drive through my midfield and defence. 3- Players seem to have picked up a habit of a heavy touch, ball comes into them, take a touch, knock it too far in front, opposition nick ball and we're on back foot 4- Playing poor passes and not turning on ball. So many times we mess around with it, I know I have play out of defence we literally pass to players with their backs to goal, straight away forced into a backwards pass before getting it back to GK who thumps it long and we lose the ball 5- Players get the ball in and around the box, the instruction is to work the ball into the box, the full backs have moved up and are in acres of space yet the ball get passed around 3 players, all under pressure before a long shot that goes miles over the bar. Why not use the full backs out in space. 6- We have a corner, ball is cleared midway into their half, my CBs run back, my midfielder on edge of box just stands around watching it, opposition striker drops all the way in unchallenged, picks ball up and we get countered. What's the point of telling players to counter press if they're just going to stand there or drop deep. 7- Opposition corners- Whoever I put on the edge of box is so static. I've watched this a few times now and each time they're facing my goal (why?!) the corner is taken to the player on edge of box, my player on EOB will not move until the opposition player has received the ball, as he receives it, my player turns and tries to press, by this point, the player has had time to do what he wants with it. There's probably more but tbh, I can't be arsed with it, yet again in the 1st season I've created something that works and we manage to finish 5th and get Europe, yet in the 2nd season,it all falls apart and we suddenly can't play football.
  7. Ok so I'll change mentality to balanced, reign in the LCM and LWB, anything else I need to be looking at?
  8. I started out on positive, was playing great but performances started to drop and I've had this in the past when I've started well, then teams set up differently and I struggle. Once it started to drop, I tried playing cautiously at home and it worked wonders and I've stuck with it since. But again, at home all is well but no matter what I do away, I can't get anything to work and I know I'll tinker so much that eventually I'll just end up so confused and give up lol
  9. It seems to work at home, but like I say, when we go away we're so open. I've tried changing the roles of the full backs and sitting in a bit but nothing seems to work. Ideally, I'd like to be solid defensively but quick on the break when we win the ball. Although we've done ok this season, we're not good enough to go and dominate away from home so just wanna be a bit more solid and try to hit teams on break. FWIW, we're 4th at minute but it's a bit distorted, I'm a point in front of 5th and 5 in front of 6th but they both have 2 games in hand but still pretty happy with how things are going, I'm hoping if we can sort away form out and be able to pick up a few more points on the road, we might be able to challenge for 4th but at the very least being able to hold onto 6th. @Experienced Defender
  10. After some advice about how to set up away from home. This is how I'm setting up at home which is yielding great football and results. Away from home, it was all going well but in last few games I've started to struggle, tried a few things but nothing seems t be working so hoping someone can throw some ideas my way. We're still quite dangerous going forward, we always seem to score but we are so open, having 20-25 shots against me each game and obviously, the chances of us conceding are much higher. It's hard enough going away from home without gifting the opposition chance after chance. Is it possible to keep the same formation and be tight or do I drop the 2 wingers back to the midfield?
  11. I had one while managing West Ham, 1-1 away at Arsenal in the 90th minute. Cross field ball to Bellerin, he runs towards the box, my LB closes down, wins ball, lays it off to Wilshire, who sends a long ball forward and we're on the break. Game stops, VAR has flagged a foul against Bellerin and this could be a penalty. So I scroll back and view the incident and can clearly see that the foul is outside the box so I breathe a sigh of relief but gutted as we had a good chance to counter. Refs trots over spends half a minute looking at it and to my absolute shock, gives a penalty. It's the most ridiculous decision. I still have the video on my phone if anyone knows how to get videos uploaded on here?
  12. That's great mate, I know the quality of players isn't fantastic at the minute so I don't expect miracles, I just want to see us playing better than we are at the moment, I can improve the team as we go forward.
  13. Any advice on how to set up the TI's and roles with that formation?
  14. Tbh, I'm not overly fussed about keeping the 4-2-3-1, it was just the one that worked for me last season so was hoping it could be tinkered but I'm happy to change it if you think there's better options. I've always like the 4-1-2-2-1 wide, it also means I can stick Rice in the DM position which is his strongest position, I know that means Alena isn't great for the CM position but he's only on loan so not too bothered about losing him.
  15. Is split press using the PI's to tell the front line to press but the backline to hold shape? Yeah I've found more success with the counter than I have with possession based tactics, I don't think our players are good enough to break teams down that way. Any other advice you can throw at me I'll happily take.
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