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  1. Currently playing as Man City and attempted to sign Sancho but he said he doesn't want to join Man C due to his dislike of the club. Where have SI got that from? I've looked online at articles and there's nothing to suggest that he hates City.
  2. So, no Based on my idea, how would you go about setting up?
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to create a tactic but I can never get it to play the way I want it to, The idea stems from a save I had on FM15 with West Ham, it was just perfect, the football was superb with the striker easily getting 60-70 goals a season across all comps and the 2 wingers getting 20-25 goals and 30-40 assists. Now them sort of numbers only came once I had a team full of superstars, This time I'm Manchester C so I'm hoping by having a super team now, I may be able to replicate it. I am halfway through my 2nd season and I'm doing well but I just want to see if I can get my own style
  4. Have you made a request to the board for extra transfer funds? Not a guarantee but sometimes, especially if you have plenty in the bank, they''ll release some extra funds. I had it before, had around £265m in the bank and they gave me £70m transfer budget, it was ok but needed 3 or 4 players and needed a bit extra so asked the board and was hoping for an extra £10m-£20m and the gave me another £40m.
  5. Sounds like your club has hit a glass ceiling. You've flown up the leagues but the club hasn't been able to grow at the same time. It happens, your options are to keep plugging away in the hope of finding players who you can afford to sign, go for broke. Chuck money at it and run the risk of bankrupting the club or, possibly the most difficult option is to just throw away what, 10 years? and walk away and look for a job at a bigger club.
  6. Thanks everyone. Obviously a few different opinions but I'll experiment with all of them and see which ones work.
  7. Is this tactic on the right path or have I got it completely wrong. My thinking is, the left back will be able to push up the pitch and head into the space occupied by the IF cutting inside. By having a DLP on that side, he would sit centrally and provide a bit of cover while also being able to play passes forward to those in front. On the other side, I'm hoping the Mezzala pushing higher up the pitch will be able to link up with the IW and maybe creating an overload on the right hand side before playing a ball across the LWB. I did about using the RB on support to really pro
  8. Nothing to do with me mate lol, I think it came up when you edited my swear word out of it? How would you suggest I become a bit more defensively sound without compromising my attacking play too much?
  9. Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to encourage play down both flanks as that's where I wanted our attacks to come from. Did think about the FB on A so will do that and drop the focus play. I'll tinker around with the middle lot and see if I can switch it up a bit, I know about Bowen, However, I've had success with Anderson playing the IW role and wanted to get him in there, and Bowen was decent in the 1st season but he is a player I'm looking at replacing this summer. I've played Haller in them roles but although it says they're his best roles I never seem to get the best out of him,
  10. After some advice. Had this tactic with my West Ham team, (Only difference is that instead of the Mezzala I used an AP and the DLP has been on support for the most part and the LOE has been at standard), played some excellent football using it and had a good 1st season. Had some bad results along the way but overall it was an over achievement really. Had a good summer, cleared out most of the crap and bought in better players with the idea that I'd buy players that would suit my formation rather than buying players for the sake of it. Started the 2nd season very well however and was going
  11. I have mate and like you, found that it just isn't the same so always end up back with the full version. I will introduce my son to the touch version though, I never even thought of that before!
  12. Not too sure if I'll buy it tbh, It's the best management simulator out there, however I think this also affects the progress. There's no competition from anyone else so SI know that they haven't got to do too much each year and they're still going to coin it in. I think with the current affairs we have going on in the world, now is the perfect opportunity for SI not release a game this year (just release squad updates) and concentrate on polishing up the current format and maybe even release a book that explains the in's and outs of the game. I understand that it's a simulatio
  13. Thanks mate, that’s helpful, I did think about telling them to hold shape when ball is won but I’ve always seemed to find that when using that on other saves. the AI get back into shape and it becomes slow and we end up losing the ball. Didn’t think about the roam from position PI’s so I’ll give that a crack and see how it goes.
  14. Started a new save with Barce. Going to try and replicate the famous years under Guardiola. Done a bit of searching online but there's a surprisingly lack of tactical analysis done on that team (or at least I didn't look hard enough to find it) However, going off mainly memory and a bit of info I have picked up I've quickly come up with this as a base. Keen to get some thoughts on a couple things; At the moment, I'm not too bothered with the players, the squad needs an overhaul anyway so for now I want to get a base sorted then start building the squad. 1- Does this look anythi
  15. Think yourself lucky, in years gone by, once you got so much in then bank, the game couldn't process it so put you millions in the red
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