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  1. Hi Sophomore, The intention is to create a parallel structure for the North, and for an All-Ireland League to be created using the continental rules.
  2. Hi, I just thought that I would share some ideas that a club's scouting range can be more realistically represented in game, in particular for semi-professional and amateur clubs. First of all, I believe that the present situation is that in general, semi-pro and amateur sides seem to be limited to scouting within their own country. In countries which are vast and have no agreements regarding freedom of movement, this works fine, however it is less realistic when the club is located on a border. To give an example, if you are managing Blyth Spartans, you should be allowed to scout in the Scottish Borders area, which is not possible at the moment for a part-time club. On the other hand, you could technically scout as far south as Penzance, even though it would be much more economical to scout in Scotland. To be fair, you would probably have to pay an awful lot to convince a player from Penzance to come to the other side of the country, and the games mechanics do recognise this, however there is no reason I can think of that would stop Blyth scouting in Hawick (or conversely, Gretna scouting in Carlisle). One might say international clearance, but this is relatively easy to get and it is common for players on the (open) border between two countries to move between the two. A related problem is that while the current set-up otherwise reflects semi-pro football quite well, the absence of wages in the amateur game results in the scouting range being broken. From my own experience in game, an amateur club's scouting range extends up to a 200 km radius (as the crow flies) inside the same country as the club. I think that its unlikely in the amateur game that a player would be prepared to move such a distance without some sort of payment (unless they migrated for reasons other than football). Furthermore, this radius appears to be the same for all amateur clubs regardless of reputation, whereas in the solution that I propose, this will be taken into account in deciding what radius a club can scout within. As for the solution, I think that a club's base scouting range should extend to every country that the club's home country has an agreement with, and that the radius (in kilometres) within which a club can scout should be the club's reputation divided by 10. Thus a club with a reputation of 1000 can scout within 100 km of its location, one with 250 can scout within 25 km and one with 3000 can scout within 300 km. This takes into account that as clubs grow in reputation, players will be willing to travel further to sign for it. This radius will then be united with the current scouting range (except for amateur clubs, who should only be able to scout in the parts of their country/EU etc. within their radius), so that a League 2 club can for example scout within the UK and Ireland AND within 3-400km of its home town. Depending on their location, the club can therefore potentially scout in Northern France, Belgium or Holland. I hope that this post gives an idea of what I have in mind, and if anyone has other or better ideas, then share them in this thread by all means.
  3. Hi Karax, I've raised it with the SI team and they are looking into it: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/458053-Custom-Continental-Rules-working-in-Editor-but-not-in-game-itself Thanks for the compliment.
  4. Hello guys, I'd like to introduce to you the first European Super League system with promotion and relegation to be created using continental rules. This means that all participating teams will play in their own domestic league and retain their own nationality. There are 64 clubs in the system: 16 in the Champions League (3 down) 16 in the Europa League (3 up, 4 down) 32 in the Euro Trophy (4 up) In addition, the top 16 teams in the Euro Trophy including those relegated from EL automatically qualify for next year's competiton. The other 16 berths are determined using qualifying rounds, thus meaning almost every league (except San Marino and Gibraltar) has a chance of securing representation in the system. Realistic prize money is also included. Suggestions are most welcome! http://www.mediafire.com/download/564hc3wq96gqiq5/Dynamic_European_Super_League_A8DECD82-7E0D-4200-989E-B242C2492D58.fmf Warning: I got a crash dump when using this, even though I had no problems verifying it with the editor, so I would suggest not using this in conjunction with any other files for now.
  5. Yes, it should be possible in advanced mode, you would only start Tier 2 in Year 2 and so on. You'll also need to specify the amount of extra teams that are relegated.
  6. Using editor, to test in game I need to verify it which isn't possible with these errors.
  7. Thanks, I managed to get that ironed out, the problem now is that the fourth tier is not working from the second season onwards, even though the rules for that period on are set to active and it is not immediately producing an error on verification it only shows two years later when the second tier is short on teams.
  8. Hi guys, I'm currently developing a four-tier European league system in the style of Brazil using the continental rules. The structure is fully complete, however for the third level, it appears to be drawing four random teams from the first tier in addition of the 16 already qualified. I have no idea where it is drawing the teams from, and even if I add ignore teams from the first tier, it still adds them regardless, suggesting that these might be placeholders. If anybody could take a look at my file to see what I'm doing wrong, then that would be great: http://www.mediafire.com/download/564hc3wq96gqiq5/Dynamic_European_Super_League_A8DECD82-7E0D-4200-989E-B242C2492D58.fmf
  9. One idea that might be worth implementing is having regional scouts based in a particular country who can only scout that country or region. They would be less expensive to hire than ordinary scouts since they will not have to travel around the world to scout. I know that something similar is already present through the affiliate system, but this would be easier for smaller clubs who cannot afford an international affiliate.
  10. I've tried to make such a division as realistic as possible, including names. Here is the link: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/449474-BoyInGreen-s-All-Ireland-Pyramid
  11. ChicoPolska, sadly the answer is no and yes respectively. The problem is that in real life, there is no pyramid structure per se in Irish soccer. While there is promotion and relegation between the divisions in each individual league, there is none between leagues. The file reflects real life and therefore, it is not possible to be promoted to the first division unfortunately. However, I do have an All-Ireland fantasy structure that does have promotion and relegation throughout, if you are interested in this.
  12. Advanced Rules, under the general competition tab, I think. It works for me anyway.
  13. You need to open the competition in advanced rules in order to change the prize money. I hope that helps.
  14. Just a word of warning regards that, if you try adding a local region using that, either the editor will crash or another region will simply be renamed.
  15. Hi, nice job but I notice that the relegation from Prima Categoria is not working as intended: the teams relegated after season 1 are still in the division in season 2. It would be great if you could check what is causing this. Thanks.
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