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  1. This version sees the start of the rollout of Level 7. The first batch covers most of Munster (less Waterford), and the affected county cups have been updated to reflect the new teams. More national media sources have been added, as well as local media for all areas covered by Level 7. The download can be found at the usual location.
  2. New version out, a little later than usual, the main additions are that all counties now have cup competitions. Also, all Level 6 leagues now vary between 6 and 18 teams with dynamic fixture lists based on league size, and where a division has more than 15 teams, it is now regionalised into two sub-groups, with a playoff to determine the promoted team. Language data has been modified in order to better reflect real life, sponsorship at lower levels has been adjusted to try and make it more realistic, and national newspaper and radio outlets have been added. To download, see the opening post.
  3. The only way I can think of that this isn't a bug is if you are switching a competition to different rules after those three years. Given that you say that every nation is affected, this is more likely a bug and it would definitely be worth reporting it.
  4. Hi Wolf_pd, Yes, that is correct. In the basic rules, the way it worked in previous versions is that you could choose to "Sort by Division Reputation", which probably did the same thing.
  5. Hi, If you're using advanced rules, you need to make sure that the 'Reverse Teams' checkbox is active and ticked. The screenshot below shows where it is located. If you've any further questions, please feel free to let me know.
  6. Unfortunately, the Irish football league system is so fragmented that what is available out of the box is effectively the extent of where you can be promoted straight to the Premier Division from. As you may know, I have created files with the real league systems for previous versions, but because the leagues are self-contained and there is no promotion and relegation between them, you can only go so far until you have outgrown your league, but you are still stuck there forever. If there is enough demand for a real-life set-up though, I might reconsider my stance.
  7. It's that time of the week again! Another Saturday, another version and more improvements. This week sees the following: All counties with a population greater than 100,000 now have a cup competition (15 in total) More Level 6 regions and a few Level 5 leagues with a small number of teams in their catchments can now have 8 or 9 teams and a third round of fixtures has been added to such cases. Some leagues with a particularly large catchment area can now have 16 or 17 teams, in such cases the league format is a single round robin. Further improvements made to
  8. I've just uploaded a new version with the following changes: All Level 6 leagues now have awards (previously only some had it) Regionalisation of existing cups improved. Added 3 new cups for Counties Dublin, Cork and Galway. For the above cups, in addition to the Connacht and Ulster Senior Cups, Premier Division teams enter their U19 teams as testing found that the gulf in class was too great. Ground requirements added for Premier Division (minimum 5,000 capacity with 2,000 seats) Some teams with unrealistically high youth setups were reduced slightly
  9. This is a fantasy structure consisting of 6 levels with a total of 32 groups/divisions and 384 clubs. This is intended to be a realistic depiction of what a proper pyramid system might look like in Ireland. Teams at each step have been determined both by the population distribution of the country, as well as whether they exist in the database and if so their reputation. LEAGUES: Premier Division (10 clubs, exact same rules as the base game) First Division (14 clubs, broadly follows the same rules as the base game with adjustments made for the increased number of clubs) A
  10. Same here, Dan has put in a load of work into this file and it shows. Every country as you said is different - for my fantasy Irish lower leagues file, I am using semi-flexible boundaries using the process I mentioned above and so far, it's working out quite well, there's 16 leagues in the lowest tier and they are all within their respective boundaries. Have you a thread for your Serbian lower leagues file, krlenjushka? I'd be very interested in checking it out.
  11. It depends on the context, I think - from what I can see from the regional division scoring section when testing leagues, setting the regional division is equivalent to placing that club 20 miles inside the league boundary, unless they are further inside the boundary, in which case it has no effect on division allocation. In fact, if you set a club to be in region A, but the game finds that region B is a better fit (due to being more than 20 miles inside the boundary of region B), then it will place the team in B by default. I do certainly agree though that it is good practice to set regional
  12. Unfortunately, it's not fixable in the basic editor, though in the advanced editor you can set 'hard' boundaries so that anywhere N/S/E/W of a certain town will not be considered for a league under any circumstances.
  13. Hi Sophomore, The intention is to create a parallel structure for the North, and for an All-Ireland League to be created using the continental rules.
  14. Hi, I just thought that I would share some ideas that a club's scouting range can be more realistically represented in game, in particular for semi-professional and amateur clubs. First of all, I believe that the present situation is that in general, semi-pro and amateur sides seem to be limited to scouting within their own country. In countries which are vast and have no agreements regarding freedom of movement, this works fine, however it is less realistic when the club is located on a border. To give an example, if you are managing Blyth Spartans, you should be allowed to scout in
  15. Hi Karax, I've raised it with the SI team and they are looking into it: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/458053-Custom-Continental-Rules-working-in-Editor-but-not-in-game-itself Thanks for the compliment.
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