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  1. It's definitely a game issue: I haven't touched any of the players' stats nor reputations. When I was playing Bury, Kamar Moncrieffe was scoring 40+ goals a season in Levels 9 and 10, so it's not a fluke.
  2. Hi Danchinaski, Many thanks for your feedback on this! Regarding the clubs without stadia, this is only for Level 10, as I have filled in any gaps in the leagues above that. I have added cities, stadia and colours to the three clubs you mentioned in the latest update, which can be found in the description as usual. As regards your idea about creating a common database, I'm certainly all for it. Perhaps we could use the discord to work out the finer details? Regarding the London bug, that's the first time this has come to my attention, but from what you are saying, I suspect that
  3. The Alan Turvey Trophy was not included in the base game, so I had to create it from scratch, hence why there is no winner data. Adding competition history is something I would like to add, though at the moment it is down the priority list so to speak. Meanwhile, I have added another update, accessible from the description above, this adds awards to Step 3 and adds cities, stadia and kits to any clubs in Steps 3 to 5 that were missing them.
  4. Brightlingsea Regent (28092968) should have its city set to Brightlingsea (28092970). Currently it is blank. East Thurrock United (5103648) does not have any home kit set. This should be a yellow shirt with black trim, black shorts and black socks. See here: https://www.eastthurrockunited.co.uk/ Ashford United (28092993) has its away kit set as all green with a white V. This is actually its home kit (without the V), which has white shorts and green and white striped socks. Evidence here: https://www.ashfordunitedfc.com/
  5. A further update has gone up tonight. This adds the league cups for Steps 3 and 4 from 21/22 onwards, and in addition the FA Cup qualifying rounds have been regionalised using the same number of groups as in real life. A number of bugs have also been fixed, including one where the three northern Step 5 leagues were not playable, as well as the missing teams mentioned by @AhMostyn above (The reserve teams have already been included in the appropriate leagues if you look in the Reserve teams section for each competition). As always, the link can be found in the description and feedback is w
  6. The FA Vase has now been added, and the updated file can be found in the description.
  7. Step 6 has now been added, completing the league structure for this file. The link can be found in the description. Future updates will focus on adding more cups (including the FA Vase), adding cities and stadia to clubs where this is missing, more accurate regional league allocation and adding awards to the newly added leagues. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  8. FA Vase and the Step 3-4 league cups. The FA Cup and the FA Trophy have all the qualifying rounds added though. Next step will be to regionalise the earlier rounds like in real life.
  9. The issue is that cross-divisional playoffs and regional divisions seem to be mutually exclusive, whether as the result of a bug of otherwise. Once you add play-offs across divisions, you can no longer use that competition to calculate regional divisions in subsequent seasons, even if you use multiple rulesets like I did. It should be technically possible to add the Step 4-5 playoffs as a separate competition as a workaround, though I'm not sure if it is worth it if it will only ever be used for one season.
  10. As the Isle of Man are at Step 6, you might need to sim a season or two before they are playable. I do plan to add Step 6 though sometime next week, which will be the last step to be added before I start focusing on the cups.
  11. Sadly no. The issue was the play-offs between Step 4 and Step 5. Apparently any competition containing sub-divisions cannot support cross-divisional playoffs. Hence why I had to introduce the workaround.
  12. Step 5 (Level 9) has now been added, and the link is contained in the updated description.
  13. Hi, There seem to be an issue where in some cases, the regional division calculations at the parent level are not mapping to their appropraite child competitions for some divisions, even though the same set up works fine for other divisions using pretty much the same set-up. I've attached some screenshots below. Here is the attempt to calculate the regions for Step 4: This is despite the child competitions being declared here: Yet the leagues above and below are set up in practically the exact same way, but seem to be working as expected: To r
  14. I've now updated the file to include Step 4/Level 8, which has been successfully tested up to 2022 in the game without only cosmetic issues noted. Link is available in the description.
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