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  1. I was attempting to switch over to Advanced Rules to try something, but this dialog box came up. When I hit Ok it takes me back to the Basic Rules section. It seems like it just affects this one file in particular. When I load up another file, it works perfectly fine. Has anyone experienced this issue?



  2. I'm mostly posting this to have it written down so I can come back to it when I have the time. This requires an in-game editor.


    My idea is that every season reset day, all players that are exactly 18 years old in a given league (excluding foreign-based loanees) would be available to all clubs in a 2 or 3 round "draft" similar to American sports. The first picks in the draft would go the newly-promoted clubs (in England, the 1st pick would go to the promoted Playoff club, with 2 and 3 going to the 2nd and 1st placed clubs respectively). The remaining picks would go to the clubs in order of their position at the end of the previous season, with the worse clubs picking first, ending with the champion picking last. After the champion's pick, it cycles back around the team that picked first. 


    All loans between clubs in the same division will be terminated before the draft begins. Any player on loan from a foreign-based team (ex. a player from a German club on loan to an English club) is ineligible for selection. The players that get picked will then be free-transferred via the editor to their new club. Any players that are not picked will remain at their current clubs.


    So going off of the 2017-18 Premier League and EFL Championship, this would be the order of draft picks:

    1. Fulham
    2. Cardiff City
    3. Wolverhampton
    4. Southampton
    5. Huddersfield
    6. Brighton
    7. Watford
    8. West Ham
    9. Bournemouth
    10. Crystal Palace
    11. Newcastle
    12. Leicester
    13. Everton
    14. Burnley
    15. Arsenal
    16. Chelsea
    17. Liverpool
    18. Tottenham
    19. Man United
    20. Man City


    The idea behind this is to, theoretically, boost the lower clubs with higher quality prospects. I limit myself to just two rounds because the talent just isn't there (IMO) to support a 3rd or more rounds. 

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