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  1. I need to practice my French and I decided playing FM in French was good way to do it since it has a lot of text. (also being a convenient excuse to play FM in the first place). However, for FM07 I don't have the French language file and I was hoping someone else still playing this version might have it. The file I need is probably called french.ltc (it has an ltc extension in any case) and can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2007\data\languages I've added a picture of my game CD below. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I made that thread you linked to and I actually agree with the sentiments of the OP here. First, as I tried to explain several times in that thread, the issue isn't because of changing technology or backward compatibility. Windows isn't iOS, it's capable of running (very) old software flawlessly. The issue is that the DRM FM07 uses caused security problems, which led MS to remove the support for it from all versions of Windows. You could have a 15-year old computer with Vista and FM07 still wouldn't run (if the OS is fully updated). And no it would not be difficult to create a
  3. Bonjour, je travaille sur améliorer mon français et j'ai décidé de pratiquer par jouer FM en français. Je joue de vieilles versions et l'un d'eux n'a pas le fichier nécessaire pour jouer en français. Afin, j'espère quelqu'un d'autre encore joue le jeu et sérait prêt à poster le fichier ici ou me l'envoyer. Si vous ne savez pas où est le fichier, vous le trouverez dans C:\Program Files (x86)\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2007\data\languages. J'ai ajouté une photo de mon CD de FM 2007 ci-dessous. Merci d'avance.
  4. Seriously guys, this looks like a sea change. On par with the introduction of the tactics creator. Breaking it down in different phases of play makes it feel so much more lifelike, and would be a great improvement even without additional instructions. It should also become clear to everyone that counterpressing is a whole other animal than pressing high. And providing style templates should also make so much easier for beginners to jump in, while also providing something for players who just don't want to be bothered all that much with tactics. My only concern is that there's no slider to
  5. It got even better. There first was bad news though: Shengelia twisted his ankle at training and was going to be out for 3-4 weeks. Exactly during the busiest period of the season. I also had to miss Holm for 3 games due to his red card against West Ham. Yet, despite missing 2 of my best players and after a tough game, my team returned victorious from Goodison Park, with a 1-2 result. The following game Exeter undeservedly beat Newcastle by 2-0. 4th win in a row. 7 games unbeaten. Another surprise was that Ritchie scored for the 2nd game in a row and was the team’s joint top-scorer, with a ta
  6. Disagree that control mentality is the go-to setting for Olsen's style. Especially the defensive mentality, but also counter, will naturally encourage your defenders to play direct and avoid risks. I'd then increase closing down TI's to compensate for the low default closing down with these mentalities. Next to more direct passing TIs ofcourse. I also disagree there aren't many coaches that practice this style anymore. Hodgson, Allardyce, Moyes... Philosophy being king is a bit of stretch. It's closer to the truth to say that there's split between actively seeking possession and actively
  7. The 4-0 victory against Portmouth was soon followed by the first League Cup game, against L1-side Barnet. Last year I hadn’t played a single 1st team regular in that game and the team got booted from the tournament by L2-side Kettering Town. For some reason I figured that couldn’t happen again, so I again chose a team consisting entirely of substitutes and reserve players. 0-4. It was only the League Cup, but it still was a come-down from the high after Portmouth. It also showed that while my first-choice team may be competitive in the PL, there isn’t much depth in the squad. In the PL E
  8. The debut game was away against Manchester City, who were starting their second season in the PL since their promotion. They’re one of the lower-rated teams, so a good opponent to ease into the season. Unfortunately, I had to miss Litteri for several weeks due to injury. I replaced him with Castles, instead of Kulovits, hoping I could utilise his speed. The game was fairly closed but even. City got a few chances in and so did Exeter, although Castles was ineffective. I was satisfied with a draw until the 90th minute, when Shengelia played a lovely ball into the run of substite Kulovits, who pr
  9. Both approaches are equally valid. It just depends on your preferences. If you like to vary tactics according to opponent and you switch players for specific jobs to that end, like Ferguson used to do, then you could go for specialisation. If you want vary tactics with the same set of players, then you'd instead try to make them versatile. Or if you believe in total-football-esque ideas of fluidity and that every player should be able to play in every position, then you would try to create all-rounders. THOG has a few things to say about such matters in Lines & Diamonds.
  10. Well, the 2018-19 season is about to start, the first in the PL, so I figured I’d write another update. Made far more signings than originally had been my intention. 12 so far, of which 5 currently are first-team choices. Together they’ve only cost me a little under €1.4m though, of which €400k in actual transfer fees and the rest in signing bonuses. With one of these signings I did raise the club record for highest transfer fee by €10k (previous record was the €190k I paid for Keith Southern, way back in 2008). My wage spending rose by over a half, from ~€80k/week to €127k/w. Yet, that’
  11. Re my question from a few days ago, and apologies if I'm pushy, but I was rereading this thread and I noticed this post: https://community.sigames.com/topic/373890-the-ask-si-anything-thread/?do=findComment&comment=470737 Neil Brock replying no to a question on whether a scout's reputation affects how much information he delivers. This matter actually prompted my own question. See, I had came across a very old post by Glen Wakeford of SI, saying the following: As you can tell, that contradicts what Neil Brock said. Before I'd read that I believed staff reputation had no oth
  12. For once and for all, does reputation (in itself) affect the performance of staff members and if so, how?
  13. IMO the "mentalities" with generic roles are the pre-defined tactics. It just got less and less obvious as the tactics creator evolved over the years. Not in the least by renaming it "mentalities" (suggesting it just affects mentality), from "strategies" (suggesting something broader). I agree though that SI seriously needs to make labels and descriptions accurate and clear. However, this has been an issue with the series since forever and they go backwards as often as they go forwards.
  14. I did it! I’ve taken Exeter to the Premier League. And in impressive fashion at that. I’m struggling to write a coherent account though, or to come up with a solid explanation for what happened. Certainly, I was confident of reaching a mid-table position before the season, but I also felt the the individual level of the squad was barely sufficient for the Championship. Yet, Exeter won the title with a record amount of points. From late November, the team went on an unbeaten run of 25 games, only failing to break the league record because the season was over. Somehow, the team would grind
  15. Out of curiosity, which edition(s) are you referring to?
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