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  1. Dont give up remcos,i know how you feel.I played champ man and football manager and the thing is that there was always a tactic that you could suceed with no matter what the team. You deserve what you get playing the Blues!!! Only joking mate,Bendtner should be a quality target man.See what your scout says and follow instructions ie defend deep if oppo forwards are quick,play with width if they play central and do not over attack if they play counter attack. Also make sure that you have a goog traing program,i use matts.
  2. This tactic is great,i like thousands of others have litterally pulled my hair out trying different formations and teams and getting beat all the time I always start at the bottom,you would in real life football and so i always go with a lower league team. I finished second with Rochdale using v4 and using simple tweaks at the start of games following the scouts advice. I have bought 6 players in on free transfers because my squad was paper thin but with the exception of Kevin James,on a free from Forest,the team is the same i inherited. Thr essential player is the big target man,i had Mo
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