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  1. The good mental stats of the Argies is what I find tempting. In my Napoli thread you can see I've bought these creatures exclusively, together with Italians. End result was demolishing Barca 3-0 in the CL final. Argies and Italians go together like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong.
  2. Too much clicking in the game?

    We might get the option to have FM voice-sensitive in the future. Lots of timmys out there who would enjoy that feature I bet. Many of them might not even have arms to click with at all.
  3. Injuries

    "One bad injury per game"? Surely you exagerate a bit. If you use hard tackling or heavy pressing that should in theory leave you more phrone to injuries.
  4. Too much clicking in the game?

    If I was clicking for each individual under 'team talk' I think I would be going mad as well. Leave the job to your assistant and get on with the more pleasurable tasks in the game, like scouting for players and creating killer tactics.
  5. There's always one lunatic journalist in every game who refuses to get along - just as there's always one lunatic leader in the latest Civilization. You shouldn't feel bad... you've done nothing wrong, little fella!
  6. Offers For Your Staff

    If it's your youth coaches who are being poached you might want to promote them to coach/first team coach/assistant. When you start winning trophies (I'm assuming you have not won any major trophies of note) there's also a fair chance that some of your staff will develop a friendship with you that will see them resist any overtures from other clubs.
  7. A CB with decisions 7 must surely cause havoc when playing the offside trap! However, noikeee from Madeira Island (gosh) is right on the money: the decision stat works in tandem with the 'creative freedom' slider. A CB with low creative freedom will not rely on it as much as a creating player. Hence why we see the likes of Skrtel and Bramble being able to carve out a career in football.
  8. Probably not too far from the truth as far as what's going on at SI towers as well. When the game comes out next month it will be up to us forum contributors to test the game properly so that the game can be patched and "presentable" by Christmas.
  9. Good luck trying to recoup your £15M in the red with a 650 attendance What's likely to happen now is your board taking up a huge loan (bigger than what you really need), thus crippling your club even further. For this predicament there is really only one advice: pull down your pants... and slide on the ice.
  10. I had this problem with Marek Hamsik at Napoli, despite him being the highest reputation player in the team at the time and most likely having the highest CA as well. I agree with santy001 that determination probably plays a huge part, and probably the 'pressure' stat as players with a low number in this area tend to not fully embrace the captaincy.
  11. Friendly Fixture Generator.

    Another thing I'd like to see when the assistant creates friendlies would be to create matches against the teams that you already have a friendly match agreed with (as part of a transfer). Almost all my outgoing transfers include a friendly, and it's getting to be a bit of a hassle to remember to manually add these friendlies myself.
  12. bogg81, I would not take that chance. If the tutoring fails, you go on their dislike list. The last thing you want is to sell Nocerino. Tutor this youngster with players that should be on their way out of your club and who you can afford to lose - is Blasi still around?
  13. Pay up contract

    That's a good point about loyalty bonuses. Kanukki. I'd like to see there somehow being a financial benefit for the club if you have a player "who turn on you" and seek employment elsewhere. Severence pay for player who wants to leave vs player who does not want to leave is huge IRL.
  14. Pay up contract

    So I've heard after tonight's Meireles deal that supposedly if a player submits a transfer request and it is accepted, the owning club does not have to pay up his contract. Hence why it is speculated that Liverpool sold Meireles only after he put in the transfer request. Does this have any impact in FM? Do players who have requested a transfer in FM also demand that the selling club keep paying part of his wages?
  15. Interesting that you would recommend that a physical monster like Cavani, who even has the 'comes deep to get ball' PPM, play as a poacher! That's the least physically demanding role that you've given to the fittest player on the pitch. This seems to be the most debated topic in our thread - how to get the best out of Cavani? I would be curious to know what the consensus is regarding this question. Someone should make a poll. I still maintain that Cavani can play any role effectively, because of his unique balance of attributes. I've certainly never noticed any real difference in performance and goals between the different roles.