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  1. Doing really well this season. Shame to see Xabier leave but it's a great deal and he won't actually be leaving yet. Chevalier has an interesting spread of attributes and also an excellent name, so I'm looking forward to seeing him develop. Oh, and you should defo carry on with explaining what you're doing with transfers etc., I find it interesting!
  2. Well done on promotion, I'm looking forward to seeing how you fare in Ligue 1 this time, and seeing if Xabier can make the step up to senior football. If you are able to get over £10m for Schmidt as well as loan him back for a season that would be a very good deal
  3. I've not played FM nor posted on the forums for a couple of years, but when my interest in FM returns I always come back to viewing your threads. I read all of this one last night, very enjoyable as ever. It makes me want to buy FM again but I'll have to try and wait until my exams are over... Hopefully you can secure promotion again this time around
  4. Congrats on the promotion and looks like you've started very well in the new division
  5. Dybala 51 goals?!?! Always enjoy reading your careers, this one is looking to be pretty crazy
  6. Étoile Football Club Fréjus Saint-Raphaël SEASON 1 - 2017/18 Starting Profile - Transfers (two completed before I joined the club) Championnat National - 13th We were only 4 points clear from the relegation zone but I feel we were quite comfortable in reality. I tried using youngsters in the last few games which we ended up losing . The league was quite tight really and I was only 8 points from 6th. French Cup - 9th Round Not much to say here. Met the board's expectations, lost when we first came up against good opposition. Maybe we could put a run together next year. -- Youth Intake: Jean-Luc Santini (18a) - looks like he has really good potential considering our level and should develop nicely into a great striker for us, which is important as we don't have great depth there. Have already received bids from a number of Ligue 2 sides for him. Noureddine Yousfi (18b) - I love managing in France because the players have brilliant names. Noureddine will be useful as we have poor depth at CB and he could help one day. -- Key Players: Akim Orinel - the heartbeat of our team at AMC. Chipped in with 11 assists and 3 important goals in all appearances. Will need to get a decent AMC in an intake as he's getting on a bit now Belony Dumas - was amazing at the back for us and made it into the Team of the Season. He even scored a hattrick one match, no idea how to be honest -- Next season's aims: Push for a midtable finish Get past 9th Round in the cup Give playing time to the youth prospects, especially Santini
  7. going to start this in France. why is adding players from top clubs in Europe recommended?
  8. that's a great move @vikeologist, good luck with the CL and AC and well done @JoeLapira, Chelsea should be very good for silverware
  9. Thanks @vikeologist. I'd like to avoid Chelsea/Arsenal in England as a Spurs fan, but who knows what might come up eventually! I've not given much thought to the other main leagues, I think I'm open to managing anyone really. My partisanism only applies to Spurs
  10. Before I start my first season update, here is my starting profile and the leagues I loaded. In past FMs I've not tried to use that many different tactics or teams so I decided to give this challenge a go to try and change that. Who knows how long I'll go on for . I have two targets aside from the actual challenge which is to win the Champions' League and Prem with Spurs and to win the Euros and World Cup with England, although that's a long way down the line... ----------------------- 2016/17 Season Review Knockbreda F.C. League - Competitions I started my career in Northern Ireland's second division, and, although the reputation is terrible, I felt that I had a good opportunity to get some silverware quite early. The 2nd division in N. Ireland splits into two groups of 6 after 22 games, then each team plays eachother once, to try and get into the playoff spots or to avoid the relegation spots. We finished 5th after 22 games then managed to win 4 out of our 5 last games to secure a playoff spot (3rd). We beat Dergview 3-2 on aggregate and then in the Premier Division playoff we beat Carrick 4-3 on aggregate to secure promotion. The board expected us to reach the playoffs but I was really pleased to get promotion because our defence was pretty dire throughout the campaign. In terms of cups, as you can see in the Competitions screenshot above there are bloody loads of them in N. Ireland, but only 2 apply to the challenge: the Northern Irish Cup and League Cup. I failed to reach the board's expectations in both of the competitions but did manage to win the County Antrim Shield, beating 3 Premier Division teams a long the way (including the champions and runners-up!). This gives me hope that, with the right additions next year, I will be able to challenge in the league and perhaps even win one of the two cups that actually matter Next seasons' targets: Get safety and perhaps challenge for title but that's a bit ambitious Win either the FA Cup or League Cup CLUB CAREER Season Club NAT League Pos DC1 DC2 CONT Notes/Achievements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16/17 Knockbreda NIR NIFL Championship 3rd Rd5 Rd2 n/a Promotion via playoffs, Winner County Antrim shield (not counted as domestic cup) INTERNATIONAL CAREER n/a CLUB PROGRESS 0/10 top domestic leagues 0/10 domestic cups 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship INTERNATIONAL PROGRESS 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments
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